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Section 43 of the Canadian Criminal Code emphasises that parents should only use reasonable force to punish their kids. Corporal punishment in the form of spanking is allowed, but it’s only limited to the parents unless the law explicitly states otherwise. However, did you know that consistent hitting, and abusing, of your children, could make you face jail time?

In September 2018, a mother from Fredericton, New Brunswick, was sent to jail for assaulting her kids. The mother of four, who sobbed throughout her sentencing upon realizing that she was facing imminent jail time, is heading to prison after beating and abusing her two oldest children. Her 12-year-old daughter and her son, who is 10, reported that their mother would get angry, then punch and slap them, and pull their hair while sitting on their chests, to the extent of them experiencing difficulty breathing.

Christopher Lavigne, the Crown prosecutor, alleged that the mother once beat her daughter in the face for stealing make-up, causing the kid to bleed profusely. While hitting her with the bag, that allegedly held the make-up, the mother kept on asking, “Does the truth hurt?” Worse, the 32-year-old woman called her child all sorts of names, having been quoted calling her kid, “a thieving brat.”

Social workers removed the injured children from their home, and they are not interested in seeing their mother again. The sobbing defendant apologized for her mistakes, but she still won’t be able to stay with her kids, after jail time, unless she proves that she’s changed.

The lesson? You don’t have the right to infringe physical pain on your children as you wish. They have their rights, and freedom, as stipulated in the Canadian Constitution. You should find a better way to punish them, however much they disappoint you. Otherwise, you may end up warming the jail cells, just like the Fredericton woman.