At least four adults were displaced by a fire that broke out at 230 Wellington Street, Miramichi. Fire outbreaks are not uncommon in New Brunswick, Canada, with most of the fires rendering people homeless and others nursing critical wounds, not to mention that some people succumb to the injuries sustained. Not long ago, a village in New Brunswick was left reeling after a fire outbreak gutted an old church.

Early Morning Fire

A blaze that broke out at 2 a.m. left four people temporarily homeless in Miramichi, New Brunswick. Unable to contain the fire, the home occupants had to vacate their residence quickly to save their lives. Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the victims are in good health condition. According to the Canadian Red Cross, the cause of the fire was not immediately established and is still under investigation. It is suspected that the fire was a result of faulty home appliances or carelessness.

Canadian Red Cross to the Aid of the Victims

Admittedly, it’s painful to lose a house and property, and any kind of help at such a time is crucial. The Red Cross Society of Canada moved swiftly to arrange for the purchase of new clothing for the victims as well as provide them with food and shelter. The charity organization promised to cater for all basic needs until the displaced people receive compensation from insurance companies.

How to Prevent Fire Outbreaks

To avoid such cases in the future, it is important for people to learn the ways to prevent fire outbreaks at the earliest possible opportunity. Otherwise, they would end up in hospital beds or lose valued possessions. It’s crucial for home occupants to regularly check the condition of electrical systems and use appliances carefully, ensure that gas systems are in good condition, and keep inflammable things away from fire and ignition sources.