Miramichi: Important Historical Events

Miramichi is a small city located in New Brunswick, Canada. The city has steadily become a prime tourist destination over the years, with its attractions ranging from the large, navigable Miramichi River and unbroken Beaubears Island to the pleasantly companionable Ritchie Warf and inconceivably beautiful and educational National Historic Sites. This city has an unforgettable and interesting history.

Acadian Expulsion

Long before Europeans came to Miramichi (before 1765), the region was home to Mi’kmaq people, who made the Beaubears Island their natural meeting point. The French conquered Miramichi in 1740 and made the region an Acadian colony. They built a chapel, 200 houses, provision stores, and kept their arsenal at French Fort Cove and at the edge of Beaubears Island. In 1754, a war between the French and the natives escalated, causing the British to destroy homes in Acadia and deport people: the infamous Acadian Expulsion.

European Immigration

The Scots were the first white settlers in Miramichi, and they settled in Miramichi after the British defeated the French in Quebec and Montreal in 1759 and 1760, respectively. Between 1765 and 1800, the region was promoted in New England, Scotland, and other regions as a potential home to white settlers. The American Revolution in 1769 made the Scottish and loyalists fight and brought changes in land sharing. The Irish migrated to Miramichi between 1815 and 1850, and by the 1870s, they were well established in the region.

Miramichi City

Following the 1875-1950 construction of a railway line and the rampant politics and industrialization in the 20th century, Miramichi gained recognition across Canada and North America, in general. Newcastle and Chatham were the major communities in Miramichi and engaged in endless battles for government positions and businesses. In 1994, the Premier of Chatham, Frank McKenna, forcefully merged Newcastle and Chatham communities to form a stronger, united voice, giving birth to the City of Miramichi.