Frank Keating and Josh Bubar have opened a company called FOSH, which manufactures quality micro brand watches featuring typical contemporary designs. Keating hails from Miramichi, New Brunswick, and has been yearning to start a global company over the last couple of years. When time was ripe, he approached his entrepreneur friend Mr. Bubar to agree on which business they would embark on.

Manufacturing and distribution of micro brand watches is the perfect business for the two entrepreneurs. They thought of other businesses, but the ventures could have been less profitable, with micro watches being marked up at approximately 500 percent. In addition, both entrepreneurs wanted to do something they have are passioned about: design. These watches feature modern apparel construction that offers a modern and sleek look. There is also a big opportunity in this industry and it’s a business they can always improve. The brand is not aimed at a particular age group or gender, thus everyone will want to have a piece of it.

Both Keating and Bubar come from successful entrepreneurial families and completed their bachelor’s degrees from the University of New Brunswick, but decided to start a joint business when they met in Toronto. The former has done several businesses in the past, having sold blueberries in an uncrowded street in rural Miramichi when he was only 10 years old. Bubar was once a chicken farmer and he admits that he works tirelessly, holding up to three jobs at times, just to achieve his business dream. He also loves designing and knew that he would end up doing something related.

FOSH will start operations on October 5, 2018, after the Kickstarter fundraiser campaign closes. The company will distribute watches in various countries and co-founders confirmed that they already have buyers from 12 countries. Surprisingly, the Kickstarter campaign has helped the company meet its goal of raising at least $15,000. Good luck to the budding entrepreneurs in their new venture.