The Best Things to Do in Miramichi

Miramichi is by far the largest city in northern New Brunswick. Located on the mouth of Miramichi River where it empties into Miramichi Bay, the city is one of the best tourist attractions in Canada. Some of the region’s top attractions include Midland Island, Beaubears Island, nature parks, such as Ritchie Wharf, and museums, in addition to the famed Miramichi River. People living in this city have kept the cultural identities strong and are generally welcoming. There’re various things to do in this historical city.

Go on Nature Walks Along (Or Tube on) Miramichi River

You may have known the feeling that comes with walking on a rocky but green shoreline that curves gently along a breezy river full of life. The river makes its merry way between tall trees that aid in making the air clean and fresh. The water is clear at certain points and you can see the timeworn large rocks at the bottom of the river. You may also do fly fishing on the river. Nothing feels good like beating the sunny afternoon on a tube. There are several tubing operators in Miramichi, and you’ll undoubtedly find the right floating tubes for your friends and family to enjoy a lazy afternoon.

Visit Ritchie Wharf

Ritchie Wharf is a favorite tourist destination for both locals and international visitors. The park is situated on a waterfront in the former town of Newcastle. You’ll love the blend of natural beauty and contemporary activities that come with modern amenities in the park. This is the perfect place to take your kids given that it features a Disney-esque children’s park that aids their social and physical development. There are plenty of restaurants in this park to enjoy delectable Canadian cuisines and unwound yourself after a busy day. You learn a lot about the park and Miramichi, in general, given that there are well-serviced historical sites and tourist information center with friendly customer care agents.