Top Attractions to Visit in Miramichi

You may have heard of Miramichi, Canada, and the exciting things to do in the city. It is the home of many delightful tourist attractions. Here’s a list of the some of the best places to visit in Miramichi.

  • Miramichi River

If you enjoy fishing, you will want to explore the natural beauty that Canada has to offer, or if you just love kayaking, the gorgeous Miramichi River is the perfect place to be. This turquoise-blue waterway is home to the largest family of salmon; the Atlantic salmon. You can go on a nature walk on the rocky shoreline that gently curves along the river.

  • French Fort Cove

Accessible from both Nordin and Newcastle, the French Fort Cove is a sight you would want to visit over and over again. This nature park served as home to a shipyard, a lumber mill, a gristmill, and a large rock quarry in the years gone by. Canoe, kayak, or hike the challenging trails in the nature park. The park features a modern children’s playground to aid your child’s development and make you wish you were a kid again. Board the paddle boats to enjoy fun on the water and discover the park, or go on a walk on the beautiful, advanced walking trails.

  • Beaubears Island

Beaubears Island, as its name would suggest, is a beautiful island that lies in the middle of the natural splendour of the Miramichi River. Beaubears is home to the famed J. Leonard O’Brien Memorial and Beaubears Island Shipbuilding, and other national historic sites. You will undoubtedly enjoy a tour if you’re a lover of history, given that the island is associated with the infamous Acadian Expulsion.

At a Glance

Actually, there’s no shortage of ways to experience the charming city of Miramichi. The touristy Miramichi River, the exciting French Fort Cove, and the uncrowded Beaubears Island are some of the top attractions in Miramichi you may want to visit.