A few months after Moosehead Breweries opened a taproom for its small-batch brand in West Saint John, New Brunswick, the brewery company has decided to introduce its newest brand to the rest of Canada. The family-owned company wants every Canadian to have a taste of its classic brews. In September, the company, through Andrew Oland, who is the current president and CEO, announced that they are soon to launch five brews from coast to coast across Canada.

Moosehead Breweries is arguably the largest private, and oldest brewery in Canada, having been in operation since 1867. The brewery has always been operated by the Oland family, the current leadership being the sixth generation of family ownership since inception. Some of the brews introduced under the Small Batch brand, such as the 1934 Ten-Penny Stock Ale, were in the market over seven decades ago and are just being brought back to life. Simply put, the brewery finds inspiration for the recipes from its archives.

In addition to the Ten-Penny Stock Ale, other beers under the Small Batch brand include London Stout, Stone Fruit, Mountain Spruce, and Sugar Bush, which pays homage to the traditional Canadian brew ingredients and style. Moosehead uses a 20-and-3 barrel system to produce all of its beers, including the newly introduced brews.

Mr. Oland admits that not each of the beers will be available across Canada. While Sugar Bush and London Stout will be available from coast-to-coast except for the province of Quebec, the other three brews will mostly be sold in Atlantic Canada and its surroundings. However, the company won’t mind introducing the three beers to the rest of Canada in the future. The new brews will probably take some top spots in multiple upcoming beer awards. The company has in the past received recognition from Monde Selection, World Beer Cup, and Canadian Brewing Awards for manufacturing some of the best craft beer in the nation.