Miramichi Couple Converts Farmland into Corn Maze

A New Brunswick couple has turned part of their farmland into a corn maze in Miramichi. The couple, John and Natalie Fletcher, were initially rendered homeless after a fire engulfed their home in Fort McMurray. John and Natalie say this is a way to show appreciation to everyone who stood with them during the difficult times.

Although the wildfires played a big role in building the corn maze, John admits that he always had a dream to open a maze. In fact, he had been thinking for at least 10 years as to when to open a corn maze, and as nature would have it, tragedy helped fulfill his dream.

The couple, who have two lovely children, are among the 80,000 people who fled their homes during the infamous wildfires in 2016 that burned down Fort Murray. One of the most trying moments during the time was when the couple learned that their children had been gridlocked in their daycare some kilometers away. The family had to be separated until the fires were put out. In addition, the couple and the entire family had to trace their roots by moving back to their hometown, Miramichi. Fortunately, the community welcomed them, and they immediately bonded with everyone.

The traumatic experience didn’t last long and the Fletcher’s were back on their feet. The love and support they received motivated them to stay in New Brunswick, prompting them to build a corn maze in John family land. As in any other venture, setting up the maze came with challenges. John admits that installing the stations and weeding the trails were the most challenging tasks. This corn maze is called Fletcher’s corn maze and was officially opened on Labor Day, 2018, which is every first Monday of September. Both local and international tourists welcomed to have a glimpse of the epic maze.