A black GMC Sierra truck collided with a white utility van, leaving the two vehicles totally wrecked. The accident occurred mid-morning at the intersection of John and Church streets. Todd Chadwick, from Miramichi Police Force, said that the driver of the GMC pick-up truck, who was driving from the former Chatham town, didn’t stop upon reaching the intersection, crashing into the oncoming utility van. After the collision, the black truck hit a utility pole and stopped instantly, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

It’s a miracle that the drivers of the totalled vehicles didn’t die, and even walked away from the accident scene uninjured. The truck deployed its airbags after hitting the pole, and this may be the primary reason why the driver is still alive. The two drivers need to be at the forefront of campaigning for careful driving and advise other drivers against breaking traffic laws. The GMC truck driver should be ready to face the full wrath of the law, for not following the rules and regulations.

The intersection of Church Street and John Street is not new to accidents, with reports linking it to the rampant breaking of traffic rules, and careless driving. Intersections are one of the most dangerous points on the road. Drivers should always slow down and adhere to the driving rules and regulations upon reaching these points, and when maneuvering around corners. Drivers should also watch for their careless counterparts, who are always in a rush and cause trouble. Otherwise, they may end up nursing unwanted injuries or even in their death beds.

With a slight increase in the number of accidents across New Brunswick, it may be the right time for the authorities in the transport sector, and other interested parties, to devise ways to reduce road accidents. Raising awareness about road safety and imposing hefty fines on traffic offenders are two useful methods of curbing road accidents and protecting lives.