Are there any ghost towns in Ontario?

The Canadian province of Ontario has a significant number of ghost towns. These are most numerous in the Central Ontario and Northern Ontario regions, although a smaller number of ghost towns can be found throughout the province.

How many ghost towns are in Ontario?

Even though these settlements tried and failed, all of them managed to play a small part in Ontario’s past and deserve some recognition. There are over 200 communities listed in this site. Select an area and begin your exploration.

Where is ghost town in Ontario?


Newfoundout is located 6 km north of Opeongo Road in Renfrew, Ontario. The town was populated by families that were forced there by the Public Land Act of 1853. It became completely abandoned by 1948, as the barren and rocky landscape made it impossible to farm and make a living out of the area.

Is it legal to explore ghost towns?

It might be good to point out here that there are federal and state laws governing “ghost towning”. Federal law states an individual can be imprisoned and fined for so much as digging a small hole or removing anything at an archaeological site. … The only thing you can legally take at a ghost town is pictures!

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Can you live in a ghost town for free?

Well, now you can — and all for free. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is looking for volunteers to help manage Garnet Ghost Town, a Montana mining town more that’s more than 100 years old, and has been mostly abandoned for nearly that long. … Find out more details at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

What is the oldest town in Ontario?

In 1747 a small number of French settlers established the oldest continually inhabited European community in what became western Ontario; Petite Côte was settled on the south bank of the Detroit River across from Fort Detroit and near Huron and Petun villages.

Who owns Ghosttowns?

Brent Underwood, a young entrepreneur, bought the abandoned California ghost town of Cerro Gordo in 2018 for $1.4 million.

Are there any ghost towns in Canada?

Val-Jalbert in Quebec

Arguably one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Canada, Val-Jalbert was founded in 1901 near Chambord. … Now a registered heritage site, visitors can explore the town’s original buildings, including the papermill, as well as visit the nearby Ouiatchouan Falls, which are higher than Niagara Falls.

Why is Altona Ontario abandoned?

It is just east of Stouffville, Ontario. Its north section is in Uxbridge Township. In 1852, the Altona Mennonite Church was erected. The building was constructed by pioneers who immigrated here from Pennsylvania in the early 1800(a)s.

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Are there any abandoned cities?

Check out the most fascinating abandoned cities around the world.

  • Tianducheng, China, is a replica of Paris — without the crowds. …
  • Ruby, Arizona, is an abandoned mining town. …
  • Wittenoom, Australia, was overrun by asbestos. …
  • Varosha, Cyprus, was once a popular tourist destination.
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How do you find abandoned houses?

How do you find abandoned houses?

  1. Checking in with a local clerk.
  2. Reaching out to other realtors in your network to see if they know about abandoned properties.
  3. Talking to mail deliverers to see if they notice any abandoned dwellings on their route.
  4. Reaching out to a property lawyer.
  5. Looking at property auctions.

Are there any ghost towns left?

Now, many have been untouched for over a hundred years (yet some still have a ton of historic buildings somehow still standing). There are ghost towns all over the U.S., if you’re brave enough for a visit. They’re located in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico, New York, West Virginia, and more.

Why is Garnet Ghost Town closed?

MISSOULA – Due to a wildfire burning about a mile east of Garnet Ghost Town, the Bureau of Land Management temporarily closed the historic site and surrounding area for public safety and to allow firefighters to conduct suppression activities.