Best answer: How many Canadian stores are there in Canada?

1,686 locations: 503 Canadian Tire stores, 91 PartSource stores, 409 FGL Sports stores (various banners), 386 Mark’s stores, and 297 gas stations. Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is a Canadian retail company which operates in the automotive, hardware, sports, leisure and housewares sectors.

How many stores are in Canada?


Canada (map)
Retail trade
Number of stores 202,213 189,931
Gross margin 26.9 27.0

How many department stores are there in Canada?

As of December 2020, there were 500 department stores in Canada, of which 75 were in the province of Alberta.

Who is Canada’s largest retailer?

In 2019, Costco was Canada’s leading retail chain, with revenue amounting to 28.2 million Canadian dollars. Following Costco, Walmart Supercenters retail chain ranked second, reaching a revenue of approximately 24.5 million Canadian dollars.

How many stores are in Toronto?

Toronto’s five major shopping centres each have over one hundred stores and are anchored by multiple department stores, international brands and luxury retailers.

How many stores are in Ontario?

Number of grocery stores in Canada as of December 2020, by region

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Characteristic Number of stores
Ontario 5,368
Quebec 4,217
British Columbia 1,647
Alberta 1,627

Are there Walmart in Canada?

Walmart in Canada – additional information

As of January 31, 2020, it operated 408 locations across Canada. In Canada, the company includes Walmart discount stores, Supercenters and Sam’s Club stores. With.

How many convenience stores are there in Canada?

As of December 2020, there were 7,592 convenience stores located in Canada.

How many Canadian Tire stores are there in Canada in 2021?

How many Canadian Tire locations are there in Canada in 2021? There are 567 Canadian Tire locations in Canada as of November 29, 2021. The province with the most number of Canadian Tire locations in Canada is Ontario, with 239 locations, which is 42% of all Canadian Tire locations in Canada.

Is Home Depot Canadian owned?

Home Depot Canada is the Canadian unit of the Home Depot and one of Canada’s top home improvement retailers. The Canadian operation consists of 182 stores and employs over 28,000 people in Canada.

Where is the biggest Canadian Tire in Canada?

Walk the aisles of the newest and biggest Canadian Tire store in Canada. The newly-opened showcase store at South Edmonton Common covers 140,000 square feet across two floors. It includes a driving simulator and virtual patio, and uses more than 100 digital screens, online catalogues and interactive electronics.

Who is the largest grocery chain in Canada?

Sales value of leading Canadian grocery and supermarket chains in Canada 2019/20. Loblaw Companies Ltd. was the Canadian leading food retailer in Canada in the 2019/20 fiscal year, with a sales value of around 50.31 billion Canadian dollars.

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Are Canadians winners company?

Winners Merchants International L.P is a chain of off-price Canadian department stores owned by TJX Companies. … Its market niche is similar to the American store TJ Maxx, and it is a partnered retailer to department stores HomeSense and Marshalls.

What store is popular in Canada?

Real Canadian Superstore and Costco were also popular shopping destinations, with 35.66 and 34.57 percent of respondents regularly visiting these stores respectively.