Best answer: What food does Ontario export?

Ontario’s top exported agri-food product is grain-based products including baked goods, cereals, mixes/doughs, milled products and pasta. We export about $2 billion worth each year. In 2010, that equalled more than 20% of our total exports.

What is Ontario’s main export?

In 2017, Ontario’s main international exports were motor vehicles and parts (35.3%), mechanical equipment (10.1%), precious metals and stones (9.8%), electrical machinery (3.9%), and plastic products (3.6%).

What products does Ontario export?

Top 15

  • Gold (unwrought): US$14.8 billion (8.8% of Ontario’s total exports)
  • Mid-sized automobiles (piston engine): $11.5 billion (6.8%)
  • Large automobiles (piston engine): $10.7 billion (6.3%)
  • Small automobiles (piston engine): $5.7 billion (3.3%)
  • Miscellaneous medications: $3.3 billion (2%)

What food products does Canada export?

We export half of our beef/cattle, 70% of our soybeans, 70% of our pork, 75% of our wheat, 90% of our canola and 95% of our pulses. Over 90 percent of Canada’s farmers are dependent on exports as well as about 40 percent of our food processing sector.

What is Canada’s biggest food export?

Wheat is Canada’s largest crop and the single biggest export earner of all our agricultural products.

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What is produced in Ontario?

Ontario’s agricultural production includes:

  • fruit crops, such as grapes, apples, berries and other tender fruits.
  • vegetables.
  • cash crops, such as soybeans, corn, mixed grains, forage crops, wheat and barley.
  • commercial poultry, hog, dairy and beef cattle farms.
  • flowers and other ornamental plants.

What is Ontario most known for?

Besides being Canada’s main economic hub, Ontario is also known for its natural diversity, including vast forests, beautiful provincial parks, four of the five Great Lakes and the world-famous Niagara falls.

What is mined in Ontario?

Ontario has a rich mining industry, being the largest Canadian producer of gold, platinum, nickel and group metals. It’s also the second largest producer of copper.

What are 5 interesting facts about Ontario?

Our Favourite Fun Facts About Ontario

  1. Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes. …
  2. More than half of the highest quality farm land in Canada is in Ontario. …
  3. The common loon is the provincial bird. …
  4. “Ontario” comes from the Iroquois word for beautiful water. …
  5. Amethyst is the official mineral of Ontario.

What are the major farm products of southern Ontario?

Ontario produces surpluses of tomatoes, peppers, carrots, sweet corn, pork, turkey, grain and oilseeds.

What food does Ontario import?

Ontario runs food deficits requiring imports in potatoes, strawberries, apples, cabbage, beef, chicken and lamb. Ontario produces surpluses of tomatoes, peppers, carrots, sweet corn, pork, turkey, grain and oilseeds.

What is Canada famous for exporting?

Canada’s Major Exports

In 2019, Canada’s top three exported goods were energy products (worth $114 billion); motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts ($93 billion); and consumer goods ($71 billion). These three categories made up almost half of all exports.

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How much food does Ontario import?

Ontario is a net food importer, importing annually about $10 billion more than it exports, with roughly half of that products that we grow, store and process within the province (ERL et al., 2014).

What are Canada’s top 5 exports?

Canada’s top 5 exports: motor vehicles and parts, passenger cars and light trucks, consumer goods, metal and non-metallic mineral products and crude oil and crude bitumen.

What foods get imported to Canada?

Among the top fresh fruit imports was bananas, followed by watermelons, apples, lemons, oranges, strawberries and pineapples. Mexico is a top supplier, especially for lemons and Costa Rica exported the most pineapple. Other Latin countries that Canada imports food from are: Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.