Best answer: What is a Class 5 license in Canada?

Class 5 – cars, vans, two-axle vehicles having a trailer(s) or vehicle(s) in tow where the gross weight of the towed vehicle(s) does not exceed 4,600 kg, buses when not transporting passengers, three-axle motorhomes, taxis and ambulances when not used for hire.

What does class 5 GDL mean?

The Class 5 GDL is a probationary licence that allows new drivers the time and space to practice their driving skills while adhering to some key licence restrictions. These Alberta Class 5 GDL restrictions are designed to maintain maximum safety for all road users.

What can you drive with a Class 5 license in Alberta?

A Class 5 driver’s licence in Alberta is the standard licence used to drive personal vehicles.

  • Moped. You can drive these powered two-wheeled vehicles by yourself.
  • Two-Axle Vehicle or RV. Cars, vans or light trucks.
  • Motorcycle. You can drive as learner if you’re over 16 and with someone who has a non-GDL Class 6 licence.

What’s the difference between Class 5 basic and advanced?

The basic Class 5 road test is approximately 6 to 10 kilometers in length and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The road test is designed to assess a new driver’s basic driving skills and abilities. … The Advanced Road Test is approximately 20 to 30 kilometers in length and takes about 60 minutes to complete.

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What is a Class 5 Basic?

The Class 5 driver’s license in Alberta is the standard license to operate a car or light truck, motorhome, or moped. It’s one of 7 classes of Alberta driver’s licenses you can have. There are two types are : Class 5 graduated driver’s license (GDL) : Also known as the probationary stage two license.

What is a Class 5 license equivalent to in Ontario?

In Ontario, the equivalent of a class 5 license is G class.

What is a Class 5 vehicle?

What is a Class 5 Vehicle? A class 5 vehicle are those of private passenger vehicles, motor caravans, ambulances and dual-purpose vehicles in all cases with 13 or more passenger seats.

Can I drive a motorcycle with a Class 5 in Alberta?

To drive a motorcycle, you must hold a Class 6 licence. A Class 6 licence also allows you to drive all Class 5 motor vehicles as a learner.

What is a Class 5 or 6 vehicle?

Class 5 : Standard driver’s license for cars, light trucks, motorhomes. Class 6 : Motorcycles and mopeds. Class 7 : Learner’s license for cars and motorcycles.

How many demerits do you get in class 5 Alberta?

Demerit Points for Drivers with a Class 5 License

For drivers with a Class 5 license, license suspension will occur once 15 demerits have been accumulated over a two (2) year period. At eight (8) demerits, a written notice will be mailed to the driver as fair warning.

What is class 5 basic road test?

Passing the basic road test allows GDL drivers to move from a class 7 (Learner) to a class 5-GDL driver’s licence. This test determines whether a learner has developed the driving skills necessary like safe vehicle handling, judgment and knowledge of the rules of the road to become a class 5-GDL probationary driver.

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How do I get my Class 5 license?

To get a full Class 5 driver’s licence, you’ll need to:

  1. drive for 2 years as a Class 5- GDL driver.
  2. have no licence suspensions during the last year.
  3. take a Class 5 advanced road test at a registry agent.
  4. if you pass the advanced road test, purchase your licence card.

How much does it cost to get your Class 5 in Alberta?

Driver’s License Road Test Fees

Licence Class Cost
4 $141.00
5B (GDL) $89.00
5A (Non GDL) $138.00
6 $143.00

What is class 5 license BC?

Class 5 or 7 driver’s licence

To drive cars, vans, trucks, construction, utility vehicles (2 axles maximum) and motorhomes (may exceed 2 axles) To tow trailers or vehicles up to 4,600kg. … To ride 3-wheeled vehicles but does not include 3-wheeled motorcycles (trikes) or motorcycle/sidecar combinations.