Can I use a PO Box for my drivers license Ontario?

Can I have a PO box address on my Drivers license Ontario?

Driver’s Licence – YOU MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS. It is mandatory but you can also have a PO Box for mail. … Passport – IN CANADA YOU MUST PROVIDE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS TO OBTAIN A PASSPORT. Yes, you can also use a PO Box to receive your mail.

Can I use a PO box address on my driver license?

a) Yes, your P.O. Box can be used as your mailing address. Please note a verifiable Residential Address must be provided for your records. b) The P.O. Box can be printed on a regular license/id and mailed to the P.O. Box but you must request that your P.O. Box be printed on your regular license/id.

Can a PO box be a legal address Canada?

One key difference between PO boxes and private mailboxes is that only mailboxes provide your business with a real, physical street address. A PO box cannot be used as the official address for your business when it comes to filing paperwork, or as a searchable location listing in Google.

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Can I use the mailing address for a driver’s license in Ontario Canada instead of the address where I really live?

The mailing address need not be where you live. Meaning your mailing address can differ from the address where you reside. However, you can choose to have the address where you live, as your mailing address.

Can I use PO Box for CRA?

If you’d like, you can enter your PO Box and your RR number in the Street number and name field. … The CRA will use the address information they already have for you on file. They will not update your mailing address based on what you enter on your return.

How can I live without a physical address?

Alternatives for your physical address

  1. Rent a P.O. Box. Head down to your local post office and rent a post office box. …
  2. Use your work address. If you have a day job with an office, talk to your employer about using the office address. …
  3. Ask a friend with a business. …
  4. Head to a UPS Store. …
  5. Try your co-working space.

Can a PO Box be a billing address?

Yes, you will be able to use your PO box as a billing address.

Can I use a PO Box for my bank account?

Most likely, yes, but there could be exceptions. Banks usually do not accept a PO box as a billing address. Banks can certainly send mails to a PO box, but they must first validate the physical address to do so.

Can you have a different mailing and residential address?

You can use any address that you wish on your tax return. If you have a preferred mailing address then you can use it. Keep in mind that if the IRS or your state department of revenue needed to contact you about your return, they would use the address on the tax return.

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Can I keep my PO Box if I move?

When you are moving to a new place over a period of time, you can keep your former PO Box at the same time that you set up a new one in your new city. The USPS allows customers to manage up to five PO Boxes online.

Can you open a PO Box without an address?

One of the biggest limitations of a USPS PO Box is that you must provide a permanent, physical address to be eligible for one. This poses an issue for nomadic people who don’t maintain a traditional, permanent residence.

Can I use a PO Box for business address?

Some home-based business owners use a P.O. Box number as their home address for business. A P.O. Box allows you to give out a business mailing address without sacrificing either your privacy or safety. But there are also a number of reasons why you may want—or need—to have an actual physical address for your business.

Do I need a physical address?

You are required to register one physical address for official correspondence, however, when you organize your company as an LLC, corporation or partnership, and owners often select the street address of one of the partners as the official contact.

Can you have 2 addresses in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to have 2 permanent legal addresses in Canada due to business reasons. One of the main reasons is when you have your business at a particular address and when your home address is different. … Then, the house where you live permanently will be your legal residence address.

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