Can you access CRA through My Service Canada account?

You can securely access your income tax and other benefit information by selecting Access CRA in MSCA. This will connect you to your CRA account without having to login or revalidate your identity.

Is CRA and My Service Canada Account The Same?

Is “CRA My Account” the same as “My Service Canada Account”? These are different services from each of two Federal government agencies. CRA provides tax information. Service Canada deals with EI CPP OAS and other services.

Can I use my GCKey to access my CRA account?

Yes. You can use the same GCKey credential to access all available online services, with the exception of the CRA services. … To access the CRA’s services, you must use one of the Sign-In Partners or register for a CRA User ID and password.

Can Service Ontario unlock my CRA account?

If you are unsuccessful, your account will be locked. Help! My account is locked. You can reach our Registration and Authentication call centre at 1-866-279-5238 to obtain assistance and unlock your account.

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How do I get my CRA access code?

When you are ready to file your return and want to retrieve your access code, go to

Enter the following information to get your access code:

  1. your social insurance number (SIN);
  2. your date of birth; and.
  3. the amount you reported on line 150 of your tax return from last year.

What is my CRA account number?

A CRA program account number has three parts: the 9-digit business number to identify the business. a 2-letter program identifier code to identify the program account. a 4-digit reference number to identify an individual program account (since businesses can have more than one of the same kind)

What is Service Canada GCKey?

GCKey is a Government of Canada managed service that uses electronic credentials (usernames and passwords) so you can access federal government services online. The GCKey service can be used for those who do not have, or choose not to use their online banking credentials with a Sign-in Partner (SecureKey Concierge).

What is GCKey user ID and password?

A GCKey is a unique credential (username/password) that allows access to, and protects your communication with, online Government of Canada programs and services. Take note that once you have accessed the saved application form with your GCKey, only that GCKey will be able to access the form.

Is Cerb still available in Canada?

This benefit is paid in one-week periods and is available from September 27, 2020 until November 20, 2021.

Can you have 2 CRA accounts?

At the CRA, we’re committed to making digital services fast, easy, and secure. … You can create an account with one organization, log in, and then access the other seamlessly within the same session.

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How do I get an EI Access Code?

Employment Insurance access code

  1. Your EI access code is on the first Benefit Statement you receive in the mail after you apply for EI.
  2. You’ll use it to complete your online EI reports every two weeks.
  3. Service Canada will use it to confirm your identity the first time you use MSCA.

Is my CRA account number my sin?

Just add the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a payee, and then add your account number carefully to avoid a lost or misapplied payment (your account number is your social insurance number).

How long does it take to get a CRA security code?

CRA will mail you a CRA Security Code, which will take approximately five business days to receive. Once you receive your security code, you will be required to enter it the first time you use My Account to access your personal tax and benefit information.