Does Canada have general delivery?

Canada. Canada Post uses the term “general delivery” in English, and “poste restante” in French. Travellers may use the service for up to four months, and it is also used in circumstances where other methods of delivery (such as post office boxes) are not available.

Does Canada Post still have general delivery?

We use General Delivery when you can’t receive mail through any other available free mode of delivery. … General Delivery is also offered to the travelling public for a period of up to 4 months.

Is general delivery still available?

General Delivery is a holdover from the days when lots of people didn’t have mailing addresses, and would instead visit a Post Office periodically to pick up any mail that had arrived for them. The service still exists and you can still use it, although there are a number of caveats.

What is standard delivery Canada?

The delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is: Two business days for local mail. Three business days within the province. Four days for national mail.

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How does general delivery Work Canada Post?

Travellers can receive mail for up to 4 months at any Post Office. Apply in person at each Post Office where you would like to receive your mail and request an application for general delivery service. There is no charge. Please bring government-issued photo identification, even if issued by a foreign country.

Can I put a package in the mailbox Canada Post?

If you’re using a shipping label, make sure it is visible and affixed flat and wrinkle-free to the largest side of the box. … Do not cover the label with strapping or tape. When you’re done, mail your parcel at any post office. If you used prepaid shipping supplies, drop it in any street letter box.

Does FedEx do general delivery?

If you ship UPS or FedEx to a “general delivery” address, it will most likely be returned as undeliverable, or at least held at a the carrier’s distribution center for you to retrieve – which can be quite a long drive if you’re in a small town. A final note: Not all post offices do general delivery.

Can I use the Post Office as my address?

In general, a post office box can be used instead of a street address when establishing a place for people to send mail, but not when someone needs to identify himself to the government. … They have to identify each employee by name, social security number, and address in order to make those payments.

Why Canada Post is so slow?

Unprecedented parcel volumes combined with new safety protocols, reduced international flights, and pandemic measures worldwide are creating delays for customers. We have adjusted our delivery standards to better reflect expected delivery times, however service may not be consistent.

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Does Canada have FedEx?

In Canada, FedEx offers FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and FedEx Freight® (LTL) services. FedEx Express® offers reliable, time-definite delivery of your most urgent shipments across Canada and to more than 220 countries around the world, all backed by our Money-Back Guarantee.

How long does Canada Post take to deliver packages?

Regular letters are delivered within 2 business days within a city, in 3 business days within a province, and in 4 business days nationally (excluding the day of mailing).

How long does General Delivery hold?

Each piece of General Delivery mail is held for no more than 30 days, unless the sender requests a shorter period.

Does Canada Post deliver to mailbox or door?

Mail is usually delivered to: Your door or rural mailbox.

Will Canada Post leave a package at my door?

We attempt to deliver your parcels directly to you. If you’re not available to receive them, we may leave the package in a safe area at your location (a “safe drop”) so that you don’t need to travel to a post office to pick it up.