Does Canadian Tire take gas for money?

The Canadian Tire gas rewards program offers patrons Canadian Tire Money for gas purchases. Rewards can be used in store, but not on gas.

How much Canadian Tire money do I get for gas?

With a Triangle Rewards card, Gas+ customers can collect 3¢ per litre 1 back in Canadian Tire Money ® when you pay with cash or debit! Want to earn even more at the pump? With a Triangle credit card, Gas+ customers collect 5¢ back per litre in CT Money ® on all fuel types at Gas+ Locations.

What gas stations give Canadian Tire money?

We have a new partner location. Triangle credit cardmembers can now collect Canadian Tire Money ® on each litre of fuel at participating Husky stations. Every fill up will be rewarding. when you pay with your Triangle credit card at participating Husky stations across Canada!

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Does Canadian Tire do cash back?

Earn up to 1.5% cash back on eligible purchases, and get 2X the cash back (up to 3%) on purchases at Canadian Tire stores, Canadian Tire gas bars, and Marks.

How much Canadian Tire money do you get per dollar?

The rewards themselves work the same – 1 dollar of Canadian Tire Money is worth $1 when redeemed for purchases – but the entire program has been revamped for the modern age. While you can still collect paper Canadian Tire Money, chances are those days are numbered.

How much Canadian Tire money do you get on purchases?

It’s an opportunity to collect Canadian Tire Money everywhere you shop, and earn 4% back (pre-tax) in Canadian Tire Money on qualifying purchases in-store and online at Canadian Tire, Mark’s/L’Équipeur, Party City, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Pro Hockey Life, Hockey Experts, Sports Rousseau, L’Entrepôt du Hockey and …

Is my Canadian Tire money worth anything?

You can search for what big time collectors look for. The older the bill, the more it could be worth. Some bills feature one-of-a-kind anomalies, mismatched serial numbers and slight changes to Sandy McTire’s face. The highest and lowest serial numbers can also be worth more.

Can I use my Canadian Tire triangle Mastercard anywhere?

Is the Triangle Mastercard a cash back credit card? The Triangle Mastercard earns Canadian Tire Money back, which you can only use at select Canadian Tire stores. This is significantly different from regular cash back credit cards, that earn real cash back that you can use anywhere.

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Can I use my Canadian Tire Mastercard at Costco?

While Canadian Tire sells almost everything, what it doesn’t sell is groceries. Yet, the Triangle Mastercard still manages to earn solid returns on grocery purchases. … since it’s a Mastercard, this card is still accepted at Costco even though you’ll earn just 0.5% when shopping there, and 2.

Can you redeem triangle rewards on gas?

All you have to do is pump, pay with your Triangle™ credit card and collect CT Money at Gas+ and participating Husky stations. Get Free Stuff! Earn at the pump and redeem your CT Money at participating retailers*, on just about everything.

Does Canadian Tire still accept Canadian Tire money 2021?

We accept Triangle™ World Elite Mastercard®, Triangle™ World Mastercard®, Triangle™ Mastercard®, Masterpass, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, American Express, and Canadian Tire Money. At this time, we are unable to accept other credit/debit cards, gift cards, or store credit for online purchases.

Is Canadian Tire taking Canadian Tire money?

In Canadian Tire stores, CTM is accepted for Canadian money at par, ie; 1 Canadian Tire Dollar = 1 Canadian Dollar.

Canadian Tire money
Printer Canadian Bank Note Company & British American Banknote Company.
Mint Royal Canadian Mint (1 Dollar coin only)

Can I use my Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard anywhere?

The more you spend on the card, the higher your discount. So if you want to save more next month, just use the card more this month* – when you dine out, buy groceries or even pay your bills. Use the Gas Advantage Mastercard everywhere and let your everyday purchases drive down how much you pay for gas. 2X Bonus!

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How is 50x Canadian Tire money calculated?

The 50x for Triangle credit card customers consists of the 10x everyday plus the 40x bonus. No rainchecks. Not all items sold at Canadian Tire are eligible to earn CT Money or to be redeemed for.

Can I buy gift cards with Canadian Tire money?

All merchandise sold at Canadian Tire stores, or on-line at, is Eligible Merchandise except the following: gift cards, lottery tickets, hunting and fishing licences, tire disposal fees, tire taxes, Rug Doctor® rental charges, refundable deposits, environmental fees, repair charges, delivery or assembly …

What does 50x CT Money mean?

With 50x CT Money, that works out to 20% cashback in the form of credit on your CT Money Rewards account, letting you spend it at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek or Mark’s.