Frequent question: How do I book my drivers test in Ontario?

Can you book a road test right now Ontario?

You can now book a road test in Ontario.

How do I take my G1 test online?

You can book online or you can visit your local licensing center. Online you will complete a form to book your test date. On the online system, you can make changes, cancel, or reschedule your test date. The website’s system is available 24 hours a day.

Are G tests open in Ontario?

And, on Monday, September 20, 2021, DriveTest will open a temporary road test centre at East Gwillimbury GO Station to offer class G2 and G road tests seven days a week between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. … These sites are in addition to the temporary road test centres that opened in August 2021.

How do I book my G2 test in Ontario?

Book your G2 test online through the DriveTest website. By phone at 647-776-0331 or 1-888-570-6110. In person at any DriveTest Centre.

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How do I book my G1 test in Ontario?

To book a road test appointment, you will need to provide: your valid Ontario driver’s licence number. a preferred location for taking the test.

You can book, cancel or reschedule a road test appointment:

  1. online.
  2. by phone at 647-776-0331 or 1-888-570-6110.
  3. at any DriveTest Centre.

What ID do I need for G1 in Ontario?

Identity Card with signature(issued by Canadian province/territory or U.S. state authority) Canadian Certificate of Indian Status. Ontario Student Card with signature. Ontario health card with applicant’s signature.

How much does G1 test cost?

Ontario Driver’s Licence. Your G1 test will cost $158.25 and be comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions, which are divided into two separate sections: rules of the road and road signs. You must answer a minimum of 16 questions in each section correctly to pass the written knowledge test.

How do I book my road test online Ontario?

Road test appointments can be booked by internet, phone or in-person at any DriveTest Centre.

  1. Internet: To access the road test appointment Internet booking visit DriveTest Book a Road Test. …
  2. Automated phone booking line: Province wide: 1-888-570-6110. …
  3. In-Person.

What happens if you fail your G test?

If you fail your G road test and allow your driver’s licence to expire, you will need to restart. You’ll need to start the graduated licensing process over. This means retaking the knowledge exam and starting with a G1 licence.

How much is a G2 test in Ontario?

How much does the G2 road test cost? The G2 test costs $53.75 each time you take it. If you pass, you’ll also need to pay an extra $90 as a licensing fee.

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How do I get my G2 license in Ontario?

You need to take a G1 “road test” to get your G2. This means that you will be tested on your ability to drive safely and follow Ontario’s driving rules. When you think you are ready to take this test or have completed driving school, you should book a test with DriveTest.

Can I drive on 401 with G2?

With a G2 licence, you can drive anywhere, day or night, alone or with passengers on any road or highway in Ontario. However, there are still conditions that must be honoured. You must only drive when: … Your passengers do not exceed the number of working seatbelts within your vehicle.

How many things can you get wrong on G2 Ontario test?

How many mistakes are allowed on a G2 and G driving test? There are no set number of mistakes allowed on a driving test. One mistake could cause you to fail if it is a safety issue like failing to stop or speeding.