How do I get my captain’s license in Ontario?

How long does it take to get a captain’s license in sea?

Time at Sea: You must have at least 360 days of experience within the past 3 years for a Captain’s License. 90 of these days must be within the last 3 years. Sea Service Forms: Fill out your sea service forms and have the owner or manager of the vessel confirm your time.

How do I get a captain’s license for a yacht?

Prerequisites for Captain’s License: Master Near Coastal of Inspected Passenger Vessels Up to 100 Gross Ton

  1. Must be 19 Years old.
  2. Must be able to document 720 days of experience on a vessel 360 of these days must have been on ocean or near coastal waters.
  3. Must have 90 days within the last 3 years.

How do you prove Sea time to captain’s license?

2 How can you prove your boating experience for a captain’s license? Most license applicants self-certify their days of sea time spent aboard their own boat. Proof of ownership of the boat that you’re claiming days of sea time on must accompany your application.

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What size boat requires a captains license in Canada?

You must have a Canadian pleasure craft licence to operate a pleasure craft powered by an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more in Canada legally. This includes personal watercraft and sailboats with an engine.

How do I get my captain’s license in Canada?

At least 360 days of boating experience including 90 within the past 3 years. If you have 180 days of offshore experience, you can also get Mate Near Coastal (200 miles) license. If you only have 90 days of offshore time, you can also get OUPV near coastal.

What constitutes a day of sea service?

A day of sea service is any day that a mariner served upon a vessel in an assigned position in either the deck or engineering department of a vessel (not a passenger). The position may include duties such as: handling lines, being a lookout, steering the boat, and other navigational or propulsion functions.

How long is a 6 pack license good for?

6 pack Captains License-Inland

90 of the 360 days must be in the last 3 years, but experience gained prior to the age of 16 will not be counted. This license is good on vessels less than 100 gross tons.

How many hours can a boat captain work?

Eight hours a day, under normal circumstances, with one day as a rest day. A maximum of 14 hours in any 24 hour period. A maximum of 72 hours in any seven day period.

How do I get my boat Licence in Ontario?

Ontario Boating License in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Study and Pass the $49.95 CAD Canadian Boater Safety Course. Study the online course material that includes live-action videos and interactive animations. …
  2. Print Your Temporary Card. …
  3. Receive Your PCOC in the Mail.
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Do I need a boat ownership in Ontario?

Any pleasurecraft over 10hp must have an Ontario boat registration through Transport Canada. This includes personal watercraft. It used to be a lengthy process but with the new Pleasurecraft Electronic Licensing System, getting your Ontario boat registration is quick and easy.

How do I register a boat without ownership in Ontario?

Pleasure craft operator licenses can be issued at the qualified marina or online by certified test centres like Boat Smart Exam . A Pleasure Craft License does not prove ownership of the boat. A copy of the bill of sale proves you own the boat and should also be kept on board at all times.