How do I pay back my Canadian Tire MasterCard?

How can I pay my credit card bill? At a Canadian Tire store: Present your Canadian Tire Bank issued credit card at the Customer Service desk of any Canadian Tire store to pay by cash, debit or cheque. At a bank: You can pay at most financial institutions across Canada.

Can I pay my triangle Mastercard online?

Pay significant bills online with your Canadian Tire Options® Mastercard® and start earning Canadian Tire ‘Money’® today1. Pay significant bills online with your Canadian Tire Options® Mastercard® and start earning Canadian Tire ‘Money’® today1. It’s easy and fast. It’s easy and fast.

How do I pay my Mastercard bill online?

How Do I Pay My Mastercard Bill Online?

  1. Create an Online Account. Create a personal account for online banking. …
  2. Click the Payment Link. …
  3. Enter the Amount. …
  4. Verify the Instructions. …
  5. Note the Confirmation Number.
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Can I pay my triangle Mastercard with Canadian Tire money?

eCTM can be used in combination with paper Canadian Tire Money and/or in combination with any other form of tender. eCTM collected on a purchase transaction cannot be redeemed on the same transaction. You may not redeem eCTM from more than one Triangle Rewards Account for the same transaction.

How do I check my Canadian Tire Mastercard balance?

You can find out Canadian Tire card balance by phone balance check, visit store counter/ help desk. Need to check your balance? Call 1-800-387-8803, and choose option #3. Information for Canadian Tire gift card balance inquiry to see remaining balance and transactions.

Can you use Canadian Tire money to pay credit card?

You can also collect Canadian Tire ‘Money’ on that portion of a purchase charged to a Program Credit Card. … CTM can only be collected at Canadian Tire gas bars on fuel purchases. You can also collect CTM on purchases that you make at other merchants that are charged to a Program Credit Card.

How do I check my Mastercard balance online?

To check your credit card balance online, simply open a web browser and go to the card issuer’s website. It should be listed on the back of your credit card. Sign in with your account information, or set up online access to your account (most bank websites have a login or signup box on the landing page).

Where can I pay my Mastercard bill in person?

You can pay most major credit cards with cash at the card issuer’s branch location. Chase, Capital One, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank are among the major credit card companies that currently accept cash payments for credit card bills.

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How do I make credit card payments?

Credit Card Bill Payment

  1. Login to the New MobileBanking App. …
  2. Enter Customer ID/Password details or Login via Quick Access Pin.
  3. Go to Pay Section >> Cards.
  4. Choose your registered card.
  5. Select “Pay” option.
  6. Select the type of amount (Minimum/Total/Other)
  7. Click confirm to complete payment.

How do I make a payment on my card to card?

If a balance transfer is not your option, you can make a credit card bill payment with cash.

  1. Use the credit card you want to make payment with to withdraw the required amount from an ATM.
  2. Next, deposit the cash in your checking account.
  3. Make the bill payment with the money.

How do I use my Canadian Tire money balance?

Redeem your CT Money in-store at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s/L’Equipeur, Party City, Pro Hockey Life, Hockey Experts, L’Entrepôt du Hockey, Sports Rousseau, and participating Sports Experts stores as well as online at select stores at

Can you withdraw money from Mastercard?

Yes. You may withdraw cash against the balance on most Mastercard prepaid and gift cards at any ATM. However, not all financial institutions that issue prepaid and gift cards allow ATM or foreign transactions. Be sure to check with your card issuer to ensure that these types of transactions are permitted.

How do I send money from my triangle Mastercard?

Move your money online: log-in to online banking and transfer funds in and out of your account by clicking on the ‘Move My Money’ tab. Move your money over the telephone by calling 1-866-681-2837.

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How do I access my Mastercard account?

Access your account

Call 1-800-MASTERCARD (1-800-627-8372) in the U.S.

What bank is Canadian Tire Mastercard?

†The Triangle Rewards Program is owned and operated by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. Triangle™ Mastercard®, Triangle™ World Mastercard® and Triangle™ World Elite Mastercard® are issued by Canadian Tire Bank.

What is the interest rate on Canadian Tire Mastercard?

Compare Canada’s best Canadian Tire credit cards

Card Best used for Annual fee
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Featured Triangle™ Mastercard® Purchase interest: 19.99%, Cash advance: 22.99%, Balance transfer: 22.99% Canadian Tire $0
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