How do I send my passport for Canadian visa stamping?

How do I submit my passport for Canadian visa stamping?

In person – You’ll have to bring your original passport, passport bio page (2 copies), along with the passport request letter to the Visa Application Centre. To submit your passport at the Visa Application Centre, you’ll have to pay a service charge for Package Transmission.

Where do I send my passport for Canadian visa stamping?

Put your full mailing address in the “Deliver To” field and the Case Processing Centre–Ottawa post office box address in the “Return Address” field. Note the tracking number for each envelope. If you don’t send a second prepaid Xpresspost envelope, we’ll return your passport by regular mail.

How do I send my passport to Canada vac?

You can submit your passport to a VAC only after you receive a request letter or email from us. Some closed VACs accept passports sent by mail or courier only. Check your VAC’s website before you send your passport. Find out how COVID-19 affects VAC services.

How do I send passport through courier?

It is legal to send the passport via Courier. For safety, you will have to choose a reliable carrier and not the cheap carrier as they might loose your passport. You can go and get in touch with Blue Dart, FedEx, India post for the same.

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How does VFS send passport?

If you have opted for the Courier Service, your passport will be dispatched to you via DX Securemail. You will be able to begin tracking your DX Securemail envelope on the day after you have been notified it is being dispatched to you from the Visa Application Centre.

How many days will it take for Canada visa stamping?

The ideal processing time for a visitor visa for Canada is a maximum of 15 days. A student visa needs 3 days for processing, while a work visa takes a maximum of 4 days. The processing time may vary according to the location of the application centre and individual cases.

Can I go to Canada for visa stamping?

All US embassy in Canada allows visa stamping including Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Where do I send my Canadian passport application?

You must send your application by mail to our office in Canada. Government of Canada consular offices in the United States do not provide passport services. If you need a passport urgently, contact the nearest Government of Canada office abroad.

How many days does it take for passport stamping?

It depends upon the location of the Visa Office. As per my experience, It took about 20 days for New Delhi VO to process my stamping. It will not take too long, mine took just 5 days.

Can you send your passport in the mail?

The most popular option for shipping a passport is to use the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope. It’s the cheapest sub-set of Priority Mail Express that the US Postal Service offers, comes with full package tracking, as well as a money-back guaranteed delivery date.

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Do I need to submit my passport for Canada visa?

Yes. The visa office where you apply may have certain instructions on how and where to submit your passport and how to get your visa. If you will need your passport for other travel while we are processing your application, tell the visa office.