How many Canadians travel annually?

Key highlights. 2019 was the best year for Canadian tourism on record, with arrivals reaching 22.1 million, breaking the 22 million mark for the first time ever. Overnight arrivals to Canada from countries other than the United States reached an all-time high of 7.15 million (2018: 6.7 million).

How many Canadians travel abroad in 2019?

While this figure has seen growth, it did not reach the pre-pandemic levels seen in August 2019 of approximately 4.6 million Canadians returning home from international trips.

Characteristic Number of Canadian residents returning from abroad
Nov 2019 4,684,752
Dec 2019 4,821,308
Jan 2020 4,486,076

What percentage of Canadians travel abroad?

The findings uncovered that while the majority of Canadians who travel internationally (58 per cent) remain wary about trips abroad due to the rise of the Delta COVID-19 variant, and less than one quarter plan to travel internationally in the next six months, more than two-thirds (78 per cent) say international travel …

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How many Canadians travel south each year?

Text: TORONTO — About one million Canadian snowbirds spend the winter months in the southern United States each year, but last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic about 70 per cent of them stayed home.

How many Canadians go to Mexico every year?

CBoC forecasts that by 2021 Mexico will welcome more than 2 million Canadians annually—half of whom will arrive in Cancun. In 2016, Canadians accounted for 53.8 per cent of all arrivals in Mexico.

How many Canadians Travelled in 2019?

Today, Destination Canada – Canada’s national marketing organization, recognized a third consecutive record-breaking year with 22.1 million travellers to Canada in 2019 according to Statistics Canada.

Which country visits Canada the most?


Rank Country Number
1 United States 22,057,860
2 United Kingdom 733,280
3 China 511,234
4 France 507,627

How many countries does the average Canadian visit?

Still, the average Canadian has lived in or visited five other countries, the poll finds. Most (39 per cent) have been to two to five other countries, while 20 per cent have visited one and 15 per cent have never left the country.

Where do Canadians travel most in and outside Canada?

The most popular overseas destinations visited by Canadians in 2019 were Mexico (1.8 million visits), Cuba (964,000), the United Kingdom (770,000), China (666,000) and Italy (619,000).

How many Canadians have family abroad?

There are upwards of 2.8 million Canadians living outside Canada, more than the population of most provinces. Yet, as a country, we tend to ignore Canadians abroad unless they are celebrities. Even worse, we disparage immigrants to Canada who then return to their home countries for professional or personal reasons.

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How many Americans travel to Canada a year?

More Americans crossing into Canada

In July, US residents took 194,800 trips to Canada, up from 113,400 in July 2020.

Can Canadians drive across US border?

Starting November 8, 2021, documented non-citizens who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to cross the land borders with Canada and Mexico or arrive in the United States by passenger ferry for non-essential reasons, such as to visit friends or family or for tourism.

Where do Canadians travel most inside Canada?

Quebec (57.5 million visits) and British Columbia (34.2 million visits) were the second- and third-most visited provinces, followed by Alberta (33.0 million visits). The Maritime provinces had the largest shares of Canadian visitors coming from other provinces.

How many Canadians get killed in Mexico?

Today — three years after his killing — I can tell you that Arthur Aubrey Brown was one of 39 Canadians murdered abroad in 2018 and among close to 200 killed over the past five years. During that same period, 24 Canadians lost their lives in Mexico — more than in any other country.