How much is a Canadian 1973 dime worth?

What is a 1973 Canadian dime made of?

Dime (Canadian coin)

Composition Nickel-plated steel 92% steel, 5.5% Cu, 2.5% Ni plating
Years of minting 1858–present
Catalog number
Design Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada

How much is a Canadian dime worth?

The Royal Canadian Mint issued Canadian Dollar coins in 7 different denominations, including this 10 Cents coin Canada (dime). They are part of the Canadian Dollar coins series. The Royal Canadian Mint started issuing these 0.1 Canadian Dollar coins in 1968.

Is a 1964 Canadian penny worth anything?

1 cent 1964 prices and values

The minimum value of a 1 cent 1964 is $0.02, due to the value of the metal that composes it.

How much is a 1973 10 cent worth? has estimated the 1973 P Roosevelt Dime value at an average of 10 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $3.

What year Canadian dimes are silver?

Melt Values of World Silver Coins

Coin Composition ASW (oz.)
Canada Silver Dime (1858-1919) 92.5% Silver 0.0691
Canada Silver Dime (1920-1967) 80% Silver 0.06
Canada Silver Dime (1967-1968) 50% Silver 0.0375
Canada Silver Quarter (1870-1919) 92.5% Silver 0.1734
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How many ridges does a Canadian dime have?

Things are a little more standardized now and the Mint lists its reeding specifications as follows: dimes, 118; quarters, 119; half dollars, 150; dollar, 198; Susan B. Anthony dollar, 133.

What years of Dimes are valuable?

In general, well-circulated Roosevelt dimes made before 1965 are worth between $1.25 and $2. Lightly worn examples of scarcer issues are worth significantly more. This includes the 1949, 1949-D, and 1949-S. Each are worth about $5 and up.

What Canadian coins are worth money?

Top 10 collectible Canadian coins

  • 1906 Small Crown. Experts believe that manufacturers used a single crown die to strike around 100 examples before replacing it with a larger die. …
  • 1916 C-Gold Sovereign. …
  • 1921 50-Cent. …
  • 1921 5-Cent. …
  • 1936 “Dot” 10-Cent. …
  • 1948 Canada Silver Dollar. …
  • 1969 Large Date 10-Cents. …
  • 1987 Loon dollar.

Do Canadian dimes have silver in them?

The Canadian silver coin values are based only on the actual silver content of the coins (intrinsic value), and not by any numismatic (collector) or base metal value. … In 1968, some of the Canadian dimes and quarters were minted in 50% silver while the remainder were minted in 99.9% nickel.

What is the rarest Canadian penny?

The 1936 dot cent penny is considered one of the most famous of Canada’s rare coins. It was actually struck in 1937, after the death of King George V but before the moulds, or dies, for King George VI were made. “It was never put into circulation.

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What is a 1943 steel penny worth?

According to USA Coin Book, a steel penny from 1943 in circulated condition is worth between 16 cents and 53 cents. However, Heritage Auctions sells 1943 steel pennies in pristine, uncirculated condition for more than $1,000.

Are 1959 pennies worth anything?

The 1959 penny with no mint mark is worth around $0.20 in uncirculated condition with an MS-63RB grade. The value is around $0.30 in uncirculated condition with a grade of MS-65RD. … Proof coins with no mint mark are available and they are each valued at around $3 in PR-65RD condition.