How much is monthly parking in Toronto?

How much does parking cost in Toronto?

On-street parking in Toronto is usually charged by the half hour. Meter rates with Green P meters start at CA$2.50 / half hour and can run as high as CA$4 / half hour near downtown areas. If you choose to pay the daily maximum, you’re looking at paying anywhere between CA$9 – $22 per day.

How much does it cost to rent a parking space in Toronto?

For $80 a month, you can rent a west-end driveway on College St. Or there’s an off-lane spot in the Annex for $100. A Yorkville driveway goes for $12 per day.

Where can I get monthly parking in Toronto?

Toronto Monthly Parking Features

  • Royal Bank Plaza. 200 Bay Street (Lot #129) $388.29. Non-Tenant Random – Parkade Level 2 & 3. …
  • Eaton Centre. 525 Bay Street (Lot #434) $326.00. Non-Tenant Random Parking. …
  • Yonge Richmond Centre. 151 Yonge St (Lot #246) $369.00. Non-Tenant Unreserved.

Why is Toronto parking so expensive?

A scarcity of building sites, demand for residential space downtown, and an influx of super high-end luxury buildings have created stratospheric prices for spots in the city. In downtown Toronto, parking would cost from about $35,000 and up in the current market, according to market research firm Urbanation.


How do I rent parking in Toronto?

Those looking to rent their parking spots out turn to classified sites (Kijiji, Craigslist) or post on their condo bulletin board. offers a completely new way for condo owners or tenants to rent out their monthly parking spot.

How much is it to rent a parking spot in downtown Toronto?

Parking in the downtown core can range from $150 to over $450 per month for reserved parking spots in the financial district.

Spots near Downtown Toronto.

Address 570 Bay St.
Intersection Bay and Dundas
Price $220.00
Type Monthly Parking
Book Now

Can a landlord charge for parking Ontario?

Can I charge the existing tenants for parking? A landlord cannot charge a parking fee if the tenants have had free use of the parking facilities since the beginning of their tenancy, even if it was not specified in the rental agreement.

How much is Green P parking in Toronto?

For On-Street Parking: Parking rates range from $1.00 to $4.00 per hour (HST Included). For Off-Street Parking: Parking rates range from $0.75 to $3.00 per half-hour (HST included).

Is there free parking in downtown Toronto?

Many streets downtown have free street parking after 9 pm on weekdays and Sundays after 1 pm. In these cases, the City of Toronto bylaw allows free parking for up to three hours, however that limit will only be enforced if a resident calls and complains about the vehicle.

How much is a parking space?

Parking Lot Cost Per Space or Size

The average price to pave a single parking space is between $300 and $500. That’s accounting for a spot that measures about 200 square feet, plus enough aisle space for larger cars and SUVs to pull or back into it.

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How many parking spots are in Toronto?

The TPA operates around 59,000 parking spaces divided into 3 categories – off-street parking lots and garages, on-street metered parking, and joint venture managed lots across Toronto.

How do I park overnight in Toronto?

Parking overnight in Toronto is illegal. You’re able to park for up to 3 hours, but after that, any street parking is liable for ticketing unless you have a parking permit. If you want to try your luck, the police only ticket vehicles overnight if they’ve been reported by passersby or businesses.