Is a graduate certificate a postgraduate degree Canada?

The Postgraduate Certificate, also known as Graduate Certificate (Grad. Cert.) is a specialised postgraduate qualification. Postgrad.

What is a graduate certificate in Canada equivalent to?

Indian students can study graduate certificate or graduate diploma in Canada after their Bachelors in India. These courses in Canada are equivalent to the Post Graduate Diploma in India. Thus, many students refer to these programs as Post Graduate Diploma in Canada.

Is a graduate certificate a postgraduate degree?

At postgraduate level, courses range from graduate certificates and graduate diplomas to masters and doctoral degrees. Graduate certificates and graduate diplomas are completed by coursework, where students attend classes and are assessed on exams and assignments (for the most part).

Is graduate certificate same as Masters in Canada?

Canada. In Canada, a graduate certificate is a university credential usually offered to students who have completed an average of 15 credits of graduate course work. … In some cases, the graduate certificate can represent part of the coursework required for obtaining a Master’s degree.

What is the difference between graduate certificate and post graduate certificate?

A graduate certificate contains curriculum that is at the level of bachelor’s degree, or undergraduate work. The post-graduate certificate or diploma is comprised of coursework at the master’s degree level, assuming a full undergraduate degree is earned first.

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What is the difference between masters and graduate certificate?

A master’s degree is a significantly bigger accomplishment because it results in a graduate degree. … A graduate certificate provides useful skills and knowledge about a subject area at a more basic level and does not result in a degree. A graduate certificate consists of 12 to 14 credit hours of coursework.

What is Ontario graduate certificate?

What is an Ontario college graduate certificate? A graduate certificate is a post-graduate credential that is offered to help students further specialize the skills they learned in their undergrad.