Is car insurance cheaper in Toronto than Brampton?

Brampton (123.5% more expensive than Ontario’s average) … Toronto (36.7% more expensive than Ontario’s average) Hamilton (36.2% more expensive than Ontario’s average) Richmond Hill (35.8% more expensive than Ontario’s average)

Is car insurance more expensive in Brampton?

It might be the planes overhead, the population surge, or the construction but Brampton drivers pay the most for car insurance in Canada – an enormous 70% more than the provincial average.

Is Brampton car insurance higher?

According to the General Insurance Statistical Agency, Brampton drivers file 29 per cent more claims than the provincial average. If you live in Mount Pleasant in Brampton, you could be paying radically more or less for car insurance than your neighbour across the road.

Which part of Ontario has cheapest car insurance?

Here are the towns or cities in Ontario that have some of the cheapest car insurance rates in 2020:

  • Grimsby and Waterdown ($1,192)
  • Sudbury ($1,165)
  • Sarnia ($1,159)
  • St. Thomas ($1,124)
  • Cornwall, Petawawa, and Russell ($1,107)
  • Kingston, Napanee, Port Hope, Cobourg and Brockville ($1,103)
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How much higher is insurance in Brampton?

Is car insurance in Brampton expensive? Brampton has the most expensive car insurance rates in Ontario at 80% higher than the provincial average, which is about $1,500 annually. Brampton residents also spend approximately 28% more than the Toronto average, which is about $2,100.

Why is insurance in Brampton so expensive?

“Our results show that, compared to the rest of Ontario, many Brampton-area residents live in postal codes with more traffic, higher collision rates and a larger proportion of drivers with very nice — and thus very expensive to repair — vehicles,” Berkow said, adding that RATESDOTCA doesn’t have data to prove this for …

Is Brampton the highest insurance in the world?

The highest ranking cities all fall within the GTA, and Brampton’s spot at the top means residents pay an estimated premium of $2,392 per year, about 65 per cent higher than the rest of the province. …

Which car has the cheapest insurance?

Cheapest cars to insure among popular models

Rank Average annual insurance premium Starting MSRP
10. Toyota RAV4 $1,555 $25,950
11. Nissan Rogue $1,585 $25,300
12. Grand Cherokee $1,592 $34,000
13. Dodge Ram 1500 $1,615 $32,145

What is the most expensive car to insure in Canada?

The Tesla Model S Performance is the most expensive car to insure among top-selling 2021 vehicle models.

Why do Ontario drivers pay the highest car insurance rates in the country?

We all know that car insurance in Ontario is expensive, and this is why. On average, Canadian insurers are paying out as much in claims as they’re earning in revenue. Insurance fraud, increasingly severe weather, and a handful of secondary factors have raised the cost of insurance in Ontario over the last two decades.

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Is car insurance cheaper in Mississauga than Brampton?

A report by confirms that Mississauga is one of the most expensive places in the province for auto insurance. … Brampton (123.5% more expensive than Ontario’s average) Scarborough (83.6% more expensive than Ontario’s average) North York (77.8% more expensive than Ontario’s average)

Which province in Canada has the cheapest car insurance?

Among the 10 provinces, insurance rates vary considerably, with Quebec holding the lowest average premium and British Columbia (B.C.) registering the highest figure.

Is car insurance cheaper in Ottawa than Toronto?

While Ottawa may have many of the same urban influences, the net effect is not as severe as on Toronto. … Looking only at the Ontario portion of the Ottawa metro area, average car insurance rates are lower than the lowest rates in Toronto, very similar to the Ontario provincial average.

How much is car insurance per month in Ontario?

The average monthly car insurance rates in Ontario are between $125 to $158, depending on which part of the province you live in. This is the highest average car insurance rate among all provinces in Canada.

What city has the highest insurance rate in Ontario?

Ontario has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country, and drivers in Brampton pay the province’s highest premiums, ringing in at an estimated average of $2,698 per year.

What is the average car insurance premium in Toronto?

The average cost of car insurance in Toronto is roughly $2,000 per year, or about $170 per month.

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