Is CD short for Canada?

What does CD mean in Canada?

The Canadian Forces’ Decoration is awarded to officers and Non-Commissioned Members of the Canadian Forces who have completed twelve years of service. The decoration is awarded to all ranks, who have a good record of conduct.

What is short for Canada?

Canada, which has the country abbreviation of CA, is divided into 10 provinces and three territories, for which there are specific abbreviations. For your reference, this Canadian provinces list also includes the land area of each province in square kilometers.

What do initials CD stand for?

CDs are small plastic discs on which sound, especially music, can be recorded. CDs can also be used to store information which can be read by a computer. CD is an abbreviation for ‘compact disc’.

Does CA mean Canada or California?

Proper noun. CA. (geography) Abbreviation of California, a state of the United States, North America. (geography) Abbreviation of Canada, a country in North America.

What designation is CD?

The Canadian Forces’ Decoration (post-nominal letters “CD”) is a Canadian award bestowed upon members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have completed twelve years of military service, with certain conditions.

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Does Canada have a Purple Heart?

Canada’s equivalent of America’s Purple Heart medal, the Sacrifice Medal, was announced in August 2008. The medal was originally to be awarded only to those killed or wounded by hostile action, but Ben Walsh, whose son, Master Cpl.

Is on short for Ontario?

If you’re referring to the Canadian province of Ontario, its official abbreviation according to Canada Post/Postes Canada, the national mail service of the country, is “ON.” I’ve seen the province’s name also abbreviated in other contexts as “Ont.”

What does CAD stand for?

WHTH (790 AM, “107.7 Buckeye Country”) is a radio station broadcasting a country music format. Licensed to Heath, Ohio, United States. The station is locally owned and operated by the Runnymede Corporation.

What is DVD short for?

‘ The original acronym came from ‘digital video disc. ‘ The DVD Forum decreed in 1999 that DVD, as an international standard, is simply three letters.

What does CD mean in English class?

Concrete Detail (CD) Commentary (CM) Commentary (CM) Closing/Concluding sentence (CS)

Does can stand for Canada?

Just as USD refers to US dollars, CAD is used when one needs to identify that an amount is in Canadian dollars. It is occasionally written as CAN, or CDN. They are abbreviations, not acronyms. An acronym is ‘initial letters that are pronounced as a word’, eg NATO is pronounced ‘nay-tow’, so it’s an acronym.

What is the short form for Toronto?

T.O. is a short form of Toronto, Ontario, and is often shortened further to T-dot.

Is abbreviation for Canada and California the same?

Relatively often, given that “CA” is the official ISO 3166-1 (alpha-2) code for Canada, and is also the official TLD for Canada ( . ca ).

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