Is there gold in Timmins Ontario?

The Toronto junior miner reports finding multiple gold zones in a mineralized area that it’s calling the South Area Discovery. West Cache is 13 kilometres west of Timmins. Highway 101 runs through the 3,700-hectare property. … The company said gold mineralization remains open along strike and deeper down.

Is there gold in Timmins?

The Timmins area is one of the richest goldfields in the world, and over the past century has produced more gold than any mining camp in Canada. … This GeoTour highlights Timmins’ “Big Three” gold mines—Hollinger, Dome and McIntyre—as well as city parks reclaimed from former mine sites.

How much gold is in Timmins?

The Timmins mining camp is the most prolific gold area in Canada and among the best in the world. Total gold endowment for the Timmins camp reached 106.5 million ounces at the end of 2019. If current inferred resources are included, gold endowment increases to 119.1 million ounces.

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What is mined in Timmins?

The city’s economy is based on natural resource extraction and is supported by industries related to lumbering and to the mining of gold, zinc, copper, nickel and silver. Timmins serves as a regional service and distribution centre.

What rivers in Ontario have gold?

The most likely place to find gold by panning is in the Vermilion River near Sudbury, even so it is very fine gold and not in very small amount, nothing like the Yukon or B.C. Best of luck.

Who owns Lakeshore Gold in Timmins?

Lake Shore Gold (a subsidiary of Pan American Silver) is located in Timmins, Ontario. The Bell Creek Complex, located approximately 20 kilometers northeast of Timmins, Ontario, consists of an underground mine and processing facility.

Where is the gold in the Canadian Shield?

There have been a number of small gold mines through the years in the portion of the Canadian Shield within Sas- katchewan, including the Box, Star Lake, Jolu, Jasper, and Contact Lake mines. The Seabee mine is currently the only gold mine operating in that region of the Shield.

Is Timmins safe?

Crime rates in Timmins, ON, Canada

Level of crime 79.55 High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 91.67 Very High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 80.68 Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 68.18 High
Problem corruption and bribery 57.95 Moderate

Is Timmins a safe place to live?

TIMMINS — Maclean’s magazine is out with its annual ranking for the most dangerous places to live in Canada and a northern Ontario community is on the list. Timmins has landed in the top ten most dangerous cities in categories such as violent crime and sexual assault, and ranked 21st overall.

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Is Timmins Ontario a good place to live?

Timmins has seen a big drop in MacLean’s latest list of Canada’s best 415 communities, falling to 304 from 152 two years ago. It says the best feature is internet access, followed by affordability and amenities.

How deep is the mines of Timmins?

Located in Timmins, Ontario, we operate the Kidd Concentrator and the Kidd Mine, the world’s deepest base-metal mine below sea level, mining at 9600 feet with shaft bottom at 9889 feet.

Who is famous from Timmins Ontario?

Shania Twain — Timmins, Ontario

Twain got her start singing in Timmins bars at the age of eight, later working at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville to help support her siblings following her mother and stepfather’s deaths in a car accident.

What geologic feature are the gold deposits in Timmins located within?

The Owl Creek Mine is located near the west end of the Neo-archean Abitibi greenstone belt, 17 km northeast of Timmins, Ontario, and 4 km north of the Destor Porcupine fault.

Can you pan for gold in Timmins Ontario?

There are several Greenstone Belts that have produced most of the gold in Ontario, and the largest of these is the Abitibi. The Dome Mine still produces gold from a huge open-pit mine, and in West Timmins a huge gold deposit has recently been found. …

Can you find gold anywhere in Ontario?

However, it is important to note that if you are looking to find gold by panning, it may not be as easy as you think, even though Ontario is extremely rich with gold. Ontario’s gold reserves are mostly mineral deposits making it quite difficult to find any nuggets or flour gold deposits in the river sediments.

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Where has gold been found in Ontario?

Diverse communities such as Windsor, Goderich, Perth, Midland, Sudbury, Timmins, Red Lake, Kirkland Lake, Marathon, North Bay and Attawapiskat all have mining as an important contributor to their local economies.