Question: Do both parents need to be present for child passport renewal Canada?

Both parents are required to participate in the application process for the issuance of a child’s passport. … This form is to be completed and signed in the presence of the passport officer.

Do both parents have to be present for minor passport renewal?

Answer: Both parents are not required to appear when a minor age 16 submits an application for a passport. Only one parent is required. This parent must also present valid photo ID if the minor does not have his or her own .

Do both parents have to be present when applying for a passport?

Both parents or legal guardians of that child must authorize the US Department of State to issue the child’s passport by having all three appear in person at a regional passport office. … This must be filled out in front of a notary public with the parent’s photo ID.

Can a mother apply for a child’s passport without the father’s consent?

Answer: A parent who has full custody of a minor may obtain a passport for the child without the consent of the other parent. The parent who has custody must submit evidence of sole legal custody. In the case of your client, the court order granting her full legal custody will suffice.

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Do both parents need to be present for child passport over 16?

Until your child’s 16th birthday, getting a US passport requires the specific consent of both parents. You can give your consent for your child’s passport by accompanying your child to the Passport Acceptance Agent. If both parents go in person to the Passport Acceptance Facility, great!

Is Mother name mandatory in passport?

Name of Only Parent or Legal Guardian

Then: Providing the names of both the parents was mandatory at the time of applying for the passport. Now: The online passport application form now requires the applicant to provide the name of the father or the mother or the legal guardian.

Do you need both parents to get a passport at 15?

The U.S. Department of State Passport Services requires both parents to appear in order to get a passport for a minor age 15 or under. In cases where only one parent appears, the applying parent must submit either notarized consent from the non-applying parent or proof of sole legal custody.

What parents need for child passport?

Bring the application form, passport photos of the child, and whatever original documents you need. Also bring current proof of your own identity that has a photo, signature and your residential address. If you’re applying for a child aged 16 or 17, the child has to come with you when you lodge the application.

Does a 16 year old need a child passport?

Yes. All children under the age of 18 are required to appear in person for all passport services. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by both parents.

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