Question: How does Air Canada Status pass work?

How do I use Aeroplan Status pass?

Redeeming Status Passes

Status Passes have now been formally launched, so you can go ahead and redeem a Status Pass for anyone’s reservation straight from your Aeroplan dashboard. You simply need to enter the booking reference and the last name of someone on the reservation.

How does Aeroplan status work?

Reach Aeroplan Elite Status based on how much you fly with Air Canada and the Star Alliance member airlines (the number of Status Qualifying Miles or Status Qualifying Segments you earn), as well as how much you spend (Status Qualifying Dollars) within a calendar year.

What is 25K status?

Reach Aeroplan 25K Status when you earn 25,000 SQM or 25 SQS, in addition to $3,000 in SQD.

How do you earn sqd?

SQD are earned based on the amount of base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges paid for your flight. You can also earn SQD on Star Alliance airlines ticketed on Air Canada 014 stock, Flight Pass purchases, and on eUpgrade add-on fees. SQD are posted after the date flown, not on the date of purchase.

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Is Aeroplan free?

Joining Aeroplan

The Aeroplan program is free to join by simply completing this application. When your application is complete, you’ll have the ability to earn points by flying with Air Canada or its partner airlines, earn elite status, and redeem points for award flights.

Are Aeroplan miles worth it?

Aeroplan points provide great value for Air Canada awards; however, your options go far beyond the airline. … There are plenty of sweet spots in the Aeroplan program, including awards between the U.S. and Canada for as few as 6,000 points each way or flights to Hawaii for just 12,500 points each way.

Who is Prince of travel?

Ricky Zhang – Founder – Prince of Travel | LinkedIn.

How many Aeroplan miles will I earn on a flight?

General Aeroplan members will earn 2 Aeroplan points per Canadian dollar for basic economy flights. All other fare types—from standard economy to business class—will earn 3 Aeroplan points per Canadian dollar.

Do Aeroplan members pay for baggage?

Travel lightly through the airport and save on baggage fees. Primary Cardholders /Primary Business Cardholders, Additional Cardholders, and travel companions (up to eight) travelling on the same reservation will all enjoy their first checked bag free (up to 23kg/50lb) when travel originates on an Air Canada flight.

How do I get 50K on Air Canada?

Reach Aeroplan 50K Status when you earn 50,000 SQM or 50 SQS, in addition to $6,000 in SQD. The benefits outlined below are valid throughout the calendar year.

How do I become an Air Canada Super Elite?

Air Canada’s most frequent flyers can qualify for its top tier status, Aeroplan Super Elite, by doing a lot of flying and spending a considerable amount of money each year. In return, the airline rewards them with a suite of exclusive benefits and perks to distinguish them as their most loyal customers.

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What are altitude qualifying dollars?

Altitude Qualifying Dollars (AQD) are tracked based on the date of travel and only after travel is completed. For example, if you purchase an eligible ticket on December 15, 2019, for travel on February 15, 2020, your AQD will be credited shortly after you completed your travel.

How does Air Canada altitude work?

Altitude is designed to reward Air Canada and Star Alliance frequent flyers with priority reservations, priority airport services, Maple Leaf lounge access, and much more. Travellers can only earn Altitude status with Altitude Qualifying Miles when flying on Air Canada or Star Alliance member travel.

How do I keep Aeroplan status?

There are a few ways you can get them back within 6 months of expiry:

  1. Buy back points. To reinstate your points, you may buy back expired points for a fee.
  2. Fly with Air Canada. We’ll reinstate all your points if you fly with Air Canada within 6 months of expiry. …
  3. Get an Aeroplan credit card.