What is it like working as a doctor in Canada?

Doctors in Canada are highly regarded and can enjoy a good work-life balance, generally working 35 to 40 hours a week, depending on their location and specialism.

What is it like being a doctor in Canada?

Not only are you dealing with sick people, but an average shift working as a doctor is easily over 10 hours long, not to mention having to work days on end and weekends. The job is not only physically strenuous, but it’s also mentally strenuous baring the responsibility of someone’s life and wellness in your hands.

How much do doctors really make in Canada?

The average doctor salary in Canada is $68,933 per year or $35.35 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $33,150 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $217,500 per year.

Is being a doctor hard in Canada?

It takes at least 10 years of education and residency to become a doctor in Canada, and in that time, you will take one of the most difficult examinations in the world – the MCCEE.

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How many hours do doctors work a day in Canada?

The data is based on several surveys conducted by the Canadian Medical Association over the given period. The total average working hours per week by physicians in 2014 were 48.7 hours, which increased to 50.5 hours in 2017.

Are doctors in Canada happy?

The additional burden of medical documentation and paperwork in the US can be significant versus the Canadian system, and Canadian doctors are happier and report less burnout over all. Canadian doctors report better work life balance and more satisfaction with the medical system in general.

Do doctors make more in Canada or UK?

According to a recent study, while overall health-care spending is much higher in Canada per capita than in the U.K. ($4,079 U.S. versus $3,129 U.S. in 2008), GP physician salaries are considerably lower after expenses ($125,101 U.S. versus $159,000 U.S.).

Are doctors millionaires in Canada?


According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the average gross clinical payment to physicians was $339,000 in 2014–2015. If you’re a physician and you can pay off your student loans sooner rather than later, you’ll be able to make enough to be a millionaire.

What is the highest paying job in Canada?

Highest paying jobs in Canada

  • Surgeons/doctors. Topping the list, surgeons and doctors earn on average between $236K and $676K per year. …
  • Lawyers. The average salary for a lawyer hovers around $302K (with location and area of practice having a strong influence on income). …
  • Judges. …
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), 5.
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What type of doctor makes the most money in Canada?

What are the highest paid doctors in Canada? According to the latest data from the CIHI, ophthalmologists have the highest annual earnings of all other specialties in Canada, with an average annual income of CAD$791,000.

What it’s really like being a doctor?

Most physicians go into medicine with a mission-driven spirit, committed to helping people. They are grateful for the opportunity to care for others, proud of their ability to diagnosis and treat, and inspired by the trust their patients put in them. … The personal side reminds doctors why they love practicing medicine.

How long is med school in Canada?

Curriculum. Medical school in Canada is generally a 4-year program at most universities. Notable exceptions include McMaster University and the University of Calgary, where programs run for 3 years, without interruption for the summer.

What are the chances of becoming a doctor in Canada?

You are likely looking at a 1% chance at getting licensed in Canada and it will take you 3-4 years minimum but likely much longer.

Do doctors work 9 5?

Even though the primary care doctor works easy hours, their patients still need medical care all the time. So most primary care doctors still have an after hours doctor on call or at least a nursing line to refer patients to the ER.

Do Doctors Work 9-5?

Hours 2018 Hours Per Week Results
Average 51.40

Do doctors work 7 days a week?

Nope. The work hours usually depend on your field of specialisation and the contract with the employer hospital. In fact, hospitalists (MD Internal Medicine) – which form the majority of workforce in the US healthcare – usually work 7 days on and 7 days off.

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Do doctors have free time?

About a third to a half of physicians get in 2-4 weeks of vacation time a year. Like their fellow Americans, however, over a third (38.3%) of family physicians and almost as many emergency medicine physicians (35.3%), internists (33.9%), and general surgeons (32.5%) take off for 2 weeks a year at most.