What is the process of WES for Canada?

What is the process for WES Canada?

Here’s our simple, three-step evaluation process:

  1. Submit your application and receive your WES reference number.
  2. Read our document requirements and send in your documents. Remember to include your WES reference number.
  3. We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.

How long does Canadian WES take?

How long does a WES evaluation report take? An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes about thirty-five (35) business days after we receive, review, and accept all required documents and fees.

How long does it take for WES to process?

The typical processing time for World Education Services (WES) evaluations is approximately seven (7) business days from the day that a completed application (including all required documents, information and full payment of fees) is received by WES and compiled for internal review and processing.

How do I submit documents to WES Canada?

Here are the steps to take to upload your degree certificates and translations: Log in to My Account. Go to your Account Timeline and scroll down to the Upload Degree Certificates and Translations section. Click the Upload Document button to begin.

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How long is WES valid?

A WES Credential Evaluation is valid for five years.

How do I pay WES fee?

You can pay via credit card, debit card (in most cases, but please verify with your bank), a wire transfer using Western Union, or a personal check or money order (which will allow you to pay after you have submitted your application).

Is Wes fee refundable?

In case of rejection from any assessing bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy / Consulate / High Commission of any country due to WES India mistake, then WES India will be liable to rebate full amount charged as “WES India Consultation Fee” from the client but at the same time WES India will not be responsible to …

How do I send my transcript to Wes?

To share documents from online platforms, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account associated with the online platform.
  2. Select WES as the recipient of your electronic documents.
  3. If you cannot choose us as your recipient, you can send the documents to the email address listed on our Required Documents page.

Does Wes really take 35 days?

WES Services and Fees

Your evaluation will be completed in 35 business days after receipt, review, and approval of all documents, and payment in full.

How can I speed up my WES evaluation?

The best thing you can do to expedite your report is carefully review your Required Documents and ensure that WES receives them as quickly as possible. You can also encourage your school to send us your documents digitally (learn more about that below).

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How long does WES standard delivery take?

Fuzzy Logic said: There are two options to opt for WES evaluation delivery. 1. What’s the use of hard copy of evaluation?

Does WES accept online degrees?

The main factor is, WES only accepts the degree if you have completed your course from the University which has all the mandatory recognitions in distance education.

Can I send transcripts myself to WES?

Yes, WES can evaluate research-based programs. Please send us a degree certificate by postal mail and send this form directly to WES in a sealed and stamped envelope.

Does WES need original documents?

Unless specifically stated on the Required Documents page or requested by WES, do not submit original documents. They cannot be returned to you. Do not submit your required documents via email. WES generally does not accept documents sent via email or email attachment.