What is the short name of Ontario?

What is short for Ontario?

Ontario. Ont./Ont.

Is Canada CA or CN?

CA is the two-letter country abbreviation for Canada.

What was the original name of Ontario?

Initially called Upper Canada, Ontario became the name of the province when it and Quebec separated in 1867.

Where is WHTH?

WHTH (790 AM, “107.7 Buckeye Country”) is a radio station broadcasting a country music format. Licensed to Heath, Ohio, United States. The station is locally owned and operated by the Runnymede Corporation.

Is CD short for Canada?

The Canadian Forces’ Decoration (post-nominal letters “CD”) is a Canadian award bestowed upon members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have completed twelve years of military service, with certain conditions.

Canadian Forces’ Decoration
Status Currently awarded
Established 15 December 1949
First awarded 7 June 1951

What is the capital of Ontario?

Ontario’s capital city, Toronto, is Canada’s most populous municipality with nearly 3 million people. The city is also ranked as one of the most multicultural in the world with half of its population born outside Canada.

What is the abbreviation for Toronto?

T.O. is a short form of Toronto, Ontario, and is often shortened further to T-dot.

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Is QC short for Quebec?

ISO 3166-2:CA identifiers’ second elements are all the same as these; ISO adopted the existing Canada Post abbreviations.

Names and abbreviations.

Province or Territory Quebec
Postal and ISO 3166‑2:CA abbreviation QC
Traditional abbreviation (English) Que.
Traditional abbreviation (French) Qc

Is Ontario a city?

It is home to the nation’s capital city, Ottawa, and the nation’s most populous city, Toronto, which is also Ontario’s provincial capital.

Confederation July 1, 1867 (1st, with Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)
Capital (and largest city) Toronto
Largest metro Greater Toronto Area

Who owns Canada?

So, Who Owns Canada? The land of Canada is solely owned by Queen Elizabeth II who is also the head of state. Only 9.7% of the total land is privately owned while the rest is Crown Land. The land is administered on behalf of the Crown by various agencies or departments of the government of Canada.

Is Ontario a state?

Ontario, second largest province of Canada in area, after Quebec. It is bordered to the east by the province of Quebec, to the south by the United States, and to the west by the province of Manitoba. … The most populous Canadian province, Ontario is home to more than one-third of Canada’s total population.

What is Canada’s full name?

Dominion of Canada is the country’s formal title, though it is rarely used. It was first applied to Canada at Confederation in 1867. It was also used in the formal titles of other countries in the British Commonwealth.

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What are nicknames for Canada?

Although it is unknown who coined the term Great White North in reference to Canada, the nickname has been in use for many decades. The general breakdown is that Canada is “Great” because it’s the second largest country in the world.

How Ontario got its name?

Origin of the name

The word “Ontario” comes from the Iroquois word “kanadario”, meaning “sparkling” water. The province is well named, since lakes and rivers make up one-fifth of its area. In 1641, “Ontario” described the land along the north shore of the easternmost part of the Great Lakes.