What is the significance of the Order of Canada?

Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the cornerstone of the Canadian Honours System and recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society.

What is the importance of the Order of Canada?

The council is chaired by the chief justice of Canada, and includes the clerk of the Queen’s Privy Council, the deputy minister of Canadian Heritage, the chair of the Canada Council for the Arts, the president of the Royal Society of Canada, the chair of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, and five …

How are Order of Canada recipients chosen?

To be considered for appointment for the rank of Companion, one must have made “outstanding achievement and merit of the highest degree, especially in service to Canada or to humanity at large.” The order’s constitution dictates that two people are automatically made Extraordinary Companions to the order: the Governor …

Who has been given the Order of Canada?

List of Companions of the Order of Canada

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Name Birth year Appointment date
Lincoln Alexander 1922 April 30, 1992
Jean Victor Allard 1913 June 28, 1968
Howard Alper 1941 November 27, 2020
Doris Anderson 1921 May 1, 2002

What is the highest Order in Canada?

Grades. There are three grades (levels) of the Canadian Order: Companion (highest), Officer, and Member, each with respective post-nominal letters that its members are entitled to use.

Why is trade with other countries important to Canada?

Exports allow Canadians to sell their goods and services in exchange for foreign goods and services. They also help to support jobs in Canada, directly to those producing the goods and services, and indirectly to those providing supporting activities to the producers of Canadian exports.

Who decides who gets the Order of Ontario?

The council reviews and evaluates nominations submitted to the Order of Ontario and makes its recommendations to the Lieutenant Governor in Council (i.e. Lieutenant Governor in Council refers to the Lieutenant Governor acting on and with the advice of the Executive Council or Cabinet), of those who, in its opinion, …

What does OC mean in Canada?

Officer of the Order of Canada (OC)

Why did Terry Fox receive the Order of Canada?

In 1977, 18-year-old Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer and gave up his right leg to prevent the spread of the disease. After 14 months of training, Terry convinced the Canadian Cancer Society to help sponsor his run across Canada to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

What does the Order of Canada pin look like?

All members of the Order receive a lapel pin shaped like a small snowflake enameled white. The various levels are differentiated by the colour of the maple leaf: red for Companion, gold for Officer, and silver for Member.

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