Where is the highest city in Canada?

Kimberley, city, southeastern British Columbia, Canada. It is situated near St. Mary River, just northwest of Cranbrook. Built on the rolling slopes of the Sullivan and North Star hills, Kimberley is Canada’s highest city (3,662 feet [1,116 metres]).

What is the second highest town in Canada?

Kimberly, in British Columbia, is considered second or third. It depends if you consider Lake Louise a town or not. It’s got a population of under a thousand, and maybe 300 homes, but it’s officially a hamlet in Alberta. If that disqualifies it, then the next highest is the town of Banff, 45 minutes away.

Which Canadian province has the highest elevation?

List of highest points of Canadian provinces and territories

Province or territory Peak Height (ft)
Yukon Mount Logan 19,541
British Columbia Mount Fairweather 15,299
Alberta Mount Columbia 12,293
Northwest Territories Mount Nirvana 9,098

Is Calgary a high altitude city?

3 428 футов
Калгари/Высота над уровнем моря
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