Who makes Canadian Tire gas?

Where does Canadian Tire gas come from?

It all comes from the same refinery. There’s only a handful in Ontario. It’s a very volatile business. Only if you’re part of an integrated company will the swings be offset.

What kind of gas does Canadian Tire use?

Canadian Tire does not refine its own gas. It buys it off contract from either Shell, Sunoco or Imperial, just like almost all other gas stations in southern Ontario. If you’re using 91 why not just stick with Shell or Costco, it’s the only two I use.

Where does Canadian Tire buy their gas?

Canadian Tire doesn’t refine it’s oil, depending on where you are in Canada it will buy it’s gas from what ever refinery there is in that area, maybe your gas is coming from the local Petro-Can refinery.

Does Canadian Tire have top tier gas?

There are a large number of retail outlets that sell passenger car fuel – from Canadian Tire and large grocery chains to Esso, Shell and other oil companies. … Shell is one of the companies supplying Top Tier gasoline – fuel that exceeds the minimum standard for detergents.

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Who makes Pioneer Gas?

Pioneer Energy

Formerly Pioneer Petroleums (1956–2011)
Headquarters Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Key people Tim Hogarth (President & CEO)
Products Fuels, Lubricants, Petrochemicals
Parent Parkland Fuel (2016–present)

Where does Ultramar gas come from?

Its refinery in Lévis, Quebec was built ten years later. From 1979 to 1996, Ultramar grew by acquiring stations from several other companies, including Canadian fuel marketers Texaco Canada, Gulf Canada, Sergaz, Sunoco and Spur.

Does Canadian Tire own ONroute?

ONroute LP is a Canadian service company which has the 50-year concession to operate highway rest areas along Highway 400 and Highway 401 in the province of Ontario until 2060. … ONroute was acquired by Arjun Infrastructure Partners and Fengate Asset Management in May 2019.

Is Husky owned by Canadian Tire?

Find a Husky station

The Triangle Rewards Program is owned and operated by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited.

Does Canadian Tire premium gas have ethanol?

Thank you for contacting our office regarding the quality of our fuel. We have up to 10% ethanol in regular and mid-grade fuel, there is no ethanol in premium fuel. This applies to all our Canadian Tire Gas Bars.

Does Suncor own shell?

In 2009, Suncor acquired the former Crown corporation Petro-Canada, which replaced the Sunoco brand across its existing outlets. Suncor also markets through a retail network of Shell and ExxonMobil branded outlets in Colorado.

Suncor Energy.

Type Public
Website suncor.com

What is top tier gasoline Canada?

TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (TTDG) is a new class of fuel that helps keep engines cleaner for optimal fuel economy, improved engine performance and lower emissions. … It is based on a fuel performance standard developed by BMW, GM, Honda and Toyota.

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Where does Coop get their gas from?

CO-OP® Fuels are proudly manufactured from crude oil – as well as wheat- and corn-based ethanol – sourced from Western Canadian suppliers. All of our gasoline is TOP TIERTM certified and, in select markets, our TOP TIERTM certified CO-OP® Premium Diesel is available.

Is Canadian Tire gas same as Shell?

Does Canadian Tire use Shell Gas? Canadian Tire does not refine its own gas. It buys it off contract from either Shell, Sunoco or Imperial, just like almost all other gas stations in southern Ontario.

Is Top Tier gas necessary?

TOP TIER™ fuel marketers are required to use TOP TIER™ for all for all octane grades of gasoline and diesel sold at their stations. TOP TIER™ is a standard in fuel many automakers feel is necessary for acceptable engine cleanliness performance for all vehicles, regardless of octane requirements.

How many Canadian Tire gas bars are there?

In 1927, they incorporated the business as the Canadian Tire Corporation. Still headquartered in Toronto, the company operates a network of 1,700 stores and gas bars that extends to every province and territory except Nunavut.