Why is Vancouver Island so wet?

The west coast of Vancouver Island is exposed to the moisture-laden westerly winds blowing off the warmer Pacific Ocean. The warm air masses are forced up by the island’s mountain ranges resulting in considerable precipitation falling on the Pacific Rim region during the winter months of September to March.

Why does it rain so much on Vancouver Island?

Energy from the Sun and Vancouver’s Latitude

The sun affects the movement of air, the formation of clouds, and the water cycle! … Our mid-latitude location means we have mild temperatures as well as large scale wind patterns from the west to southwest that bring abundant rain from off of the Pacific Ocean.

Does Vancouver Island rain a lot?

The rain shadow effect means the west coast of Vancouver Island is much wetter than the east coast. … Only in the extreme northern part of Vancouver Island near Port Hardy is the driest summer month’s rainfall as much as 20% of the wet winter months.

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Why does Vancouver get more rain than Victoria?

Victoria is on the southern most tip of Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia. It is farther south than Vancouver on the mainland, and consequently warmer. Vancouver gets double the amount of rainfall that Victoria does. This is because Vancouver is in the rain shadow of the coastal mountains.

Why is Tofino so wet?

Winter cyclonic storms frequently pass over the town deluging it with rain, making it one of the wettest locations in Canada. The month of November alone brings more precipitation to Tofino than that received for an entire year in parts of the BC interior such as Kamloops and Penticton.

What is the rainiest city in the world?

The average annual rainfall in Mawsynram, which is recognised as the world’s wettest by the Guinness Book of Records, is 11,871mm – more than 10 times the Indian national average of 1,083mm.

Is Vancouver a depressing city?

Researchers looked at life satisfaction across over 1,200 communities across the country and found that people living in cities reported being less happier than those living in rural communities. …

What is the rainiest city in Canada?

They found that the rainiest city in Canada is actually Prince Rupert. It has an average of 166 rainy days per year. BC is by far the rainiest province in Canada.

What is the rainiest city in BC?

Abbotsford, British Columbia tops the list with an average 1538 millimetres, about five feet, of precipitation falling annually.

Wettest Weather.

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City Inches Millimetres
Abbotsford, British Columbia 60.5 1538
St. John’s, Newfoundland 60.4 1534
Halifax, Nova Scotia 57.8 1468

What part of Vancouver Island gets the most rain?

The Vancouver Island Ranges make for a wet and rugged west coast and a dry, more rolling east coast. The Golden Hinde, at 2195 m or 7200′ is the highest point and is located near the Island’s centre in Strathcona Provincial Park.

What is the driest city in BC?

The driest city is Kamloops, in the B.C. Interior, with an average of 287 mm annually.

Why is Vancouver Island so warm?

Protected by the mountains and warmed by the Pacific ocean currents, Vancouver is one of the warmest cities in Canada. … John’s beating Vancouver for average yearly rainfall. Vancouver’s wettest months are November and December with an average precipitation of 182mm.

Is weather better in Victoria or Vancouver?

The average high temperature in Victoria is almost a degree warmer than Vancouver during the winter months, and it’s about the same during the fall and early spring, but it is significantly cooler during the late spring and summer. … Again, Victoria is nearly a degree warmer than Vancouver during the winter months.

Why is Tofino called Tuff City?

Pacific Ocean breakers are so massive they draw the best surfers in the world, and the cross-island highway is two hours of hairpin turns and warnings not to stop the car under unstable rock walls. There’s a reason they call this Tough City. … Surf lessons begin with the Tough City uniform: the wet suit.

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Is Victoria an island?

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, and is located on southern Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island should not be confused with the city of Vancouver, situated on the BC mainland, nor with the diminutive Victoria Island in the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. … Victoria. Vancouver Island.

What does the word Tofino mean?

Filters. A settlement on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. pronoun.