You asked: Are there rainbow trout in Ontario?

Rainbow trout were first introduced into the Great Lakes in 1895 and into the other parts of Ontario between 1883 and 1904. Prior to this, rainbows were only found on the west coast and Rocky Mountains. The current distribution of these fish is mainly concentrated around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.

Where can I fish rainbow trout in Ontario?

Some of the tributaries of the Saugeen river could be considered some of the best rivers in Ontario for trout. Some of the more notable tributaries of the Saugeen river are the Beatty Saugeen Rivers, The Rocky Saugeen River, the South Saugeen River, Teeswater river, the North Saugeen river.

What kind of trout are in Ontario?

The brook trout is southern Ontario’s only true native river trout. Ontario’s only other native trout is the lake trout, and although they occasionally enter some rivers in the fall they are very rare in most Ontario rivers with the exception of the Niagara River and some very large rivers up in northern Ontario.

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Where are rainbow trout found in Canada?

Rainbow trout is the most important aquaculture species in Saskatchewan. Commercial production in the province is found almost entirely in the Lake Diefenbaker area.

Where can I find rainbow trout in Toronto?

The upper Credit river is a great destination for trout fishing near Toronto. Although it’s about 60 minutes drive it can be well worth it. The upper credit river has brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout and is a good area for fly fishing near Toronto.

Where is the best trout fishing in Ontario?

10 Sweet Spots for Ontario Brook Trout

  • The Winisk River. …
  • (Photo credit: Gord Ellis) …
  • Wawa/Lake Superior Provincial Park. …
  • Sutton River. …
  • Thunder Bay district. …
  • Longlac/Geraldton /Greenstone area. …
  • Gord Ellis with a monster size Nipigon Brook Trout. ( …
  • Ignace and Area.

How many rainbow trout can you keep in Ontario?

You may only catch and keep in one day or possess no more than five trout and salmon in total under a sport fishing licence ( S –5) or two trout and salmon in total under a conservation fishing licence ( C –2).

Where is rainbow trout found?

Rainbow trout found primarily east of the Cascade Mountains in the U.S. and in the Upper Fraser River of British Columbia are often called redbands. Native rainbow trout are generally found in watersheds west of the Cascades. Most rainbow trout found outside their historical range are “domesticated” steelhead.

What is the best tasting fish in Ontario?

Walleye are best known for being the tastiest of the freshwater selection. They are a very clean white meat with a very minimal “fishy” taste which makes them sought after. A walleye fish fry can bring entire families and communities together when they are on the menu.

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Are there golden trout in Ontario?

Habitat: The golden rainbow trout’s habitat preferences are identical to those of the normally colored rainbow trout. It is stocked throughout the state in appropriate trout waters. No rainbow trout or golden rainbows are planted in the Lake Erie watershed.

Can you eat lake trout from Lake Ontario?

NY women and children can eat more fish from Lake Ontario, other waterways. … They can also eat up to one meal a month of lake trout, channel catfish, brown trout and all other fish. The health department recommends not eating carp caught in the lake.

How old is a 12 inch trout?

On average, a 12” rainbow trout in the sampled area was at least four years old, but some fish had attained that length by Age 2 in richer waters.

Is rainbow trout farm raised?

All rainbow trout on the U.S. market is farmed-raised in the U.S., where farming operations are held to strict environmental standards. Improvements to feed have enabled less wild fish to be used. Rainbow trout are farmed in raceways, which mimic a free-flowing river and use large amounts of freshwater.

Where is the best trout fishing in Canada?

Canada’s Top Fly Fishing Destinations

  • Hatchet Lake, Saskatchewan. A remote fishing locale in northeast Saskatchewan, Hatchet Lake offers 5,000 square miles of water with trophy-size lake trout, Canadian walleye, northern pike, and arctic grayling. …
  • Fraser River, British Columbia. …
  • Kesagami Lake, Ontario.

Where can I find brown trout in Ontario?


  1. Grand River.
  2. Eramosa River.
  3. Whitemans Creek.
  4. Duffins Creek.
  5. Bowmanville creek.
  6. Ganaraska River.
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What is the difference between salmon and rainbow trout?

Salmon and trout of all kinds are in the same family ‘salmonidae’ family but they both belong to a separate genus. Salmon will generally hatch in freshwater, and live in the ocean then swim back upstream to spawn. However, rainbow trout live in freshwater rather than only being in freshwater for reproduction and birth.