You asked: Can you smoke openly in Canada?

You can pretty much only smoke outside or in a private residence. All restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, malls, etc. are smoke free in most provinces. Many restaurants/bars have outdoor patios though where you can smoke.

Can you smoke in the street in Canada?

Smoking in Canada is banned in indoor public spaces, public transit facilities and workplaces (including restaurants, bars, and casinos), by all territories and provinces, and by the federal government. … As of 2015, 13.0% of Canadians aged 15 and older smoke.

Can you smoke on the sidewalk in Canada?

People can legally smoke or vape inside several places. Beyond private residences, most outdoor public spaces such as parks and sidewalks are fair game from the provincial government perspective.

Can you smoke legally in Canada?

To date, nearly every province in Canada has banned smoking both cigarettes and cannabis in indoor public spaces, public-transit facilities, and at workplaces where smoking could take place. In Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, the law states that people can smoke cannabis where they can smoke cigarettes.

Can you smoke in public parks Canada?

Yes, Parks Canada will follow provincial laws in the approach to cannabis legalization. In Alberta, public consumption of cannabis is legal, in accordance with applicable legislation regarding public smoking and intoxication. Parks Canada wants to ensure the best possible experience for all visitors.

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Can you smoke on your balcony Toronto?

Is it possible to make my building smoke-free? Landlords in Ontario have the right to ban smoking in all or part of a building, including indoor units and outdoor patios and balconies. While they cannot change current tenancy agreements, landlords can include a non-smoking clause in new agreements.

Can you smoke on a patio in Ontario?

You cannot smoke or vape on a patio of any bar or restaurant, including the public areas within 9 metres of the patio. The only exception is any branch of the Royal Canadian Legion or veterans’ organization that established an uncovered patio before November 18, 2013. There, you: can smoke tobacco and vape.