Your question: Is IELTS UKVI accepted in Canada?

Based on their response, IELTS GENERAL TRAINING is only accepted by CIC-Canada. UKVI is thus not an acceptable test for CIC as per Cambridge’s response.

Can I use UKVI IELTS for Canada?

If you wish to migrate, study or work in the UK, you may be required to take the IELTS for UKVI test. … If you plan to study in secondary education, enroll in vocational training, move abroad for work or migrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or the USA, you might need to take an IELTS General Training.

Is IELTS UKVI accepted in other countries?

If I take an IELTS test for UK visa purposes, can I use my result in other countries / for other purposes? A. Yes. IELTS test results are accepted by more than 10,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, colleges, governments and employers.

Where is UKVI IELTS accepted?

We offer IELTS for UKVI in Dhaka and Sylhet in Bangladesh

Take this test if you need to prove your English Speaking and Listening skills as part of your application to UK Visas and Immigration for ‘family of a settled person’ visas.

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Is IELTS UKVI and IELTS the same?

IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training for UKVI are designed to meet certain administrative requirements that are specified by the UK Home Office. The actual test taken is the same as IELTS (for all other purposes), same content, examiners, format, level of difficulty, scoring and so on.

Is IELTS UKVI harder than IELTS?

The UKVI IELTS test is as hard as the standard IELTS test. It follows the same format and the same procedure, there is no difference in the level of difficulty. … There are a variety of factors that can make both of these tests (IELTS UKVI and IELTS) harder or easier.

Is UKVI IELTS accepted in USA?

This test is accepted only for UK visa process. IELTS is accepted as evidence of English language proficiency for study, work and migration in Australia, Canada, as well as for study and work in the USA.

Which IELTS is better for Canada?

To prove your English proficiency, you’d be required to take the IELTS General Training test, which is the preferred test for immigration to Canada. In order to maximize your band score, you can register for our IELTS Workshop to familiarise yourself with the exam.

Can I change my IELTS to IELTS UKVI?

You can only transfer the same booking once. Your test centre may charge an administration fee of up to 25% of the total test fee. 4.2 Within 14 days before the test: Any transfer requests within 14 days of the test will be treated as a cancellation.

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‘IELTS for UKVI’ is a UK government approved Secure English Language Test (SELT). This means that IELTS can be used to prove your English language abilities in support of a UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) application.

How long is UKVI IELTS valid?

It is designed to meet the requirements of UKVI for certain visa categories and other immigration purposes. There is no restriction on how many times you take the IELTS Life Skills test, however, if you pass the test once, you will not be able to re-take it at the same level for a duration of two years.

Is it necessary to take IELTS UKVI?

All British universities and colleges accept IELTS results. This means that you do not need to take the IELTS test under UKVI specified condition, unless your institution has required you to.

Is IELTS UKVI paper based?

The IELTS for UKVI (Academic) test delivered on computer will be held on selected dates throughout the year. … All test takers will receive the same Test Report Form and all other aspects of the test are identical whether taken on paper or computer.