Your question: Which French test is required for Canada immigration?

As part of your immigration and citizenship process, the government of Canada will request proof of your linguistic knowledge of French. If you are entering the country via Express Entry, the only acceptable proficiency exam is the Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF).

Which French exam is valid for Canada immigration?

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, you will have to prove that you can communicate in at least one of Canada’s official languages, either English or French. The only accepted exam for proving French-language proficiency in Express Entry is the Test d’Évaluation du Français (TEF Canada).

What level of French is required for TEF Canada?

The minimum level required is level 7 (level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages).

What is the difference between TEF and TEF Canada?

TCF Canada is for anyone who wishes to initiate the process for permanent economic immigration or Canadian citizenship through IRCC. TEF is for candidates wishing to assess their level of proficiency in French for immigration applications to Canada or Quebec, or Canadian citizenship applications.

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Is DELF B2 accepted for Canada immigration?

You may also take the DELF B2, or DALF C1/C2. If you have already obtained scores, but would like to retake a single section, this is possible for either the TEFAQ or the TCF-Q. All of these exams are acceptable to prove your language level for Québec immigration.

Is TEF Canada accepted for Quebec?

The TCF, Test de connaissance du français, is a language test that is used to assess the level of French comprehension and expression skills in people who are not native French speakers. Applicants are graded at one of six levels, from A1 to C2. This test can be used for Quebec immigration purposes.

Is TEF accepted in Quebec?

The TEF and TEFAQ are two French proficiency exams officially recognized by Immigration Canada and the Department of Immigration, Francisation and Inclusion in Quebec (MIFI).

How much does TEF test cost?

4. Fees and Payment

Test Total(tx.incl)
Written expression $115,50
Oral expression $136,50
Multiple-choice questionnaire tests (Written comprehension oral comprehension vocabulary/structure) $294
TEF Canada or TEFAQ $462

Which exam is easier TEF or TCF?

For me, the writing and the speaking parts of the TEF are easier. The reading and the listening parts are similar. The TEF exam has only 2 tasks for the speaking and writing sections. In contrast, the TCF has 3 tasks for speaking and writing sections.

Is TEF exam hard?

Is TEF Canada easy or difficult? … The oral and writing comprehension is usually not to hard because it is a multiple choice test. If you practice enough dictation, and reading it must be easy enough for you to get a good score. However the active part (expression écrite et orale), it is a bit more difficult.

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Is TCF harder than TEF?

Both TEF & TCF could be used as French tests for immigration to Canada and both have the same level of difficulty, so we can say that choosing between the IRCC approved language test is up to the candidate’s personal preferences.

What is a good TEF score?

The advanced level scores to score those 24 points are listed below: Reading: TEF (263–277+) Speaking: TEF (393–415+) Listening: TEF (316–333)

Does Quebec accept DELF?

We will accept tests that you previously submitted for immigration purposes to Quebec, including: Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF) (in French) Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) (in French)

Is French mandatory for Quebec PR?

Québec Immigration Programs

This program selects applicants based on a points system. French language skills are not a requirement to apply. However, being able to speak French will help you gain valuable points and increase your chances of being selected.

What is difference between TEF and DELF?

The main difference between the TEF/TEFAQ/TCF/TCFQ and the DELF/DALF is that the former is one single test where your score will determine the amount of points awarded for French language proficiency. … The maximum number of points for French langauge proficiency is 12 points.