What is Canadian Tire’s purpose?

Mission Statement. To equip Canadians for the jobs and joys of every day life. Equipping Canadians for everyday work and play.

What is Canadian Tire’s goal?

As previously published, Canadian Tire has three aspirational goals connected to its sustainability initiatives: Grow the business without increasing the net carbon footprint of the economy; eliminate unnecessary packaging while sending zero waste to landfills; and, provide innovative products and services that meet …

What is Canadian Tire’s three main business operating segments?

This document also refers to the Corporation’s three reportable operating segments: the “Retail segment”, the “CT REIT segment”, and the “Financial Services segment”.

What is Canadian Tire’s slogan?

Canadian Tire’s recent campaign slogan, “Bring it on,” launched in 2011 not long after the Target announcement was made. In advertising, the phrase was used to address Canadians’ attitudes about the country’s varied seasons. At corporate headquarters, it was also something of a rallying cry.

Who is the Canadian Tire money guy?

According to Canadian Tire representatives, the fictional character represented is referred to as “Sandy McTire” and sports a tam o’ shanter and a stylized waxed moustache. He is based on no specific individual but is assumed to represent a thrifty Scotsman, the 1950s everyman of blue-collar Canada.

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Who are the founders of Canadian Tire?

Retail Council of Canada will recognize the tremendous contributions of founders A.J. and J.W. Billes, as well as the current contributions of A.J. Billes’ daughter, Martha Billes and her son, Owen Billes to the company’s exceptional history of growth and innovation.

What is Canadian Tire’s competitive advantage?

Canadian Tire has a sustainable competitive advantage that stems from its trusted brand, unique assortment, modern store network and global sourcing capabilities.

Why is Canadian Tire successful?

A key to Canadian Tire’s strong brand affinity is its focus on giving back. The retailer started its Jumpstart Charity in 2005 and the SVP believes the program is one of the main reasons Canadians have a strong affinity for the brand.

Why is Canadian Tire’s logo a triangle?

Chosen because our founder needed one for the front of an oil can. A triangle was a simple, easy to recognize symbol.

Why did Canadian Tire fail in the US?

From 1986-90, Canadian Tire also opened nearly 100 new stores and gas stations. … The pressure of competition at home from the likes of Wal-Mart, plus a weak gasoline market slowing the gas division, forced Canadian Tire to bail out of the U.S. market entirely in 1995.

Is Canadian Tire ethical?

We know that our reputation for integrity and the trust Canadians have for our brands depends on the way we conduct our business, and this is reflected in our commitment to ethical sourcing and our efforts to ensure worker safety at our operations and those of our suppliers around the world.

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Who owns Sportchek?

“The idea of ‘Tested for Life in Canada’ really is Canadian Tire’s way of highlighting the best products of a given season as chosen by Canadians,” says Susan O’Brien, VP marketing at Canadian Tire. “It’s also a chance to dialogue with our customer in more intimate ways than we’ve been able to in the past.”

Where is the biggest Canadian Tire in Canada?

Walk the aisles of the newest and biggest Canadian Tire store in Canada. The newly-opened showcase store at South Edmonton Common covers 140,000 square feet across two floors. It includes a driving simulator and virtual patio, and uses more than 100 digital screens, online catalogues and interactive electronics.

What is the song in the Canadian Tire commercial?

Both spots feature a cover version of the song “Love is All Around” performed by Canadian singer Zoe Sky Jordan, whose songs have previously appeared on TV and movie soundtracks.